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Feeling extreme muscle fatigue

A week or so ago I noticed that my leg muscles were a bit weak. Calf muscles running all the way up to my buttocks. Also my arm muscles, pecs, biceps were also a bit sore. I had previously done a small rep of exercises on that same upper area muscles so I wasn't sure if that was any reason but I did not do any leg exercises at all.  Few days prior I had a strange sensation between my left thumb and forefinger when I tried to grab something, almost like a sudden numbness or weakness. Grip is still strong on both hands but I notice it feels a bit clumsy in the thumb area when I maneuver a cell phone in my hand for instance. Bottom line is I feel like I just did a complete workout all the time....muscle fatigue once again in my legs arms and pecs area. Just drying my hair makes my arms weak. Also sometimes get twitching, "vibrating" feelings, little tingly sensations all in various parts of my body. Also lately my back gets kind of a hot feeling, esp if I am covered by a blanket. Eyes not blurry but last few days I have to squint a bit more to see on a computer screen. Also, prior to this by a couple weeks I noticed that my heart rate was racing each night I went to bed. So much so that I needed to find a comfortable position to sleep in so I wouldn't feel all the palpitations. Recieved Metoprolol for that and now my heart rate is lower. I am extremely petrified of ALS, very scared of MS and just living in misery every second of my day. Looking for any helpful thoughts. I have been to the doctor and then the ER when I felt it was getting worse. They did the bloodwork and everything checked out and said I was fine but they wouldn't do an MRI. I will be going back to my doctor and insisting on an MRI next week.
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Hello~Have they checked you for fibromyalgia ? I think I would see another GP or even a neurologist.

Also, you may want to try a chiropractor, you possibly could have some pinched nerves causing these feelings. The chiropractor will take some x-rays, study them and then discuss the findings with you and if he/she will be able to help. After a few adjustments, you should start to feel better.
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Other causes can be due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and weak adrenal glands, and issues with the thyroid gland, if these have not been ruled out, then ask your GP for blood tests to determine if one of these issues is the cause.
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