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I'm a seventeen year old girl. My temperature is almost always 98.3 but today it's up to 99.3. I feel fine mostly except that I had a sore throat yesterday that is still there but it's very mild now. I feel hot but I also get chills when I walk around. I was sick with some stomach bug last week. Both me and my brother had it but it wasn't bad. Also I expected my period two days ago but it was early last month. My first question is is 99.3 a fever? Could it have something to do with my sore throat (which is getting better)? And would any of that have something to do with a late period.
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It is quite likely you have a virus.  There is a lot going around, and viruses often cause fevers in the range you describe.  Being sick might change your period, also.  Try to walk around a bit instead of sitting still.  
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It is a low grade fever. It isn't anything to worry about. It sounds like you are still fighting a virus. The temperature will go up when you are fighting something. If it goes up to over 100 I would see your doctor. Your period may be late due to having an infection.
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