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Finger joint pain when touched

My question is regarding the first joint of my right hand index finger. I believe it is called the proximal interphalangeal joint.

The joint has been very sensitive to the touch for a few weeks with no sign of abating. The joint also hurts a little if I bend it fully, but not nearly as much as if I just touch it with a little pressure.

I do not see any outward signs of injury. It is not red or swollen. I have no similar pains in any other fingers or joints.

I am a 50-year old male and have worked most of my adult life as a computer programmer.

Any hints to possible causes would be greatly appreciated.
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As you are a computer programmer and likely to be using your index finger using a mouse and using a keyboard a lot, it is likely that you are experiencing repetitive injury.  It is likely that there is some form of arthritic changes going on with your joint.

Because you use your hands a lot for computer work, it would be a good idea to get a correct diagnosis of the problem.  Are you able to use one of your other fingers for the computer programming so that you can rest the index finger?

Best wishes
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Thanks very much for the comments. I initially assumed that it was just a minor injury. I became a little concerned recently though as it has been at least 3 weeks and the pain has not diminished at all. It has not gotten any worse either though.

It has been my experience that it is crucial to do at least some research if possible prior to seeking medical attention. I will certainly see my physician if the situation does not improve shortly, but I wanted to check first in case someone might have some insight into what it could be.
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This could be anything from a minor injury, that you might not even remember, to arthritis. Fingers and toes are vulnerable to bumps, bangs and jams, and often we think nothing of it when it happens because it happens often. You can try topical creams for the pain, like biofreeze, and taking advil oftem helps, with joint pain and discomfort. Make sure that you can take any OTC drugs before taking anything. If it doesn't get better with at home treatment, you can surely check with your doctor about the cause. Good luck and hope it gets better soon!
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