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Flashes in the corner of my eye?

I'm 17 years old with no history of eye problems or blurred vision, I almost have a perfect vision it's just that I've been having these occasional flashes in my left eye's peripheral vision for almost a year or two, I didn't worry about them before because they are very occasional, sometimes I'd get 2 or 4 instances of these flash in a week and sometimes 3 or 4 in a month, but since past week I've been getting them more frequently like 1 small flash a day and that got me worried and when I looked about flashes on google all I got was diseases that can potentially blind me like retinal detachment that scared the hell outta me, I'm just 17 and I don't wanna lose my vision at such a yound age T-T My eye sight is still 100% with no blur or anything and I have no other sympton than a small flash in left eye corner that lasts for less than a second, is that something to worry about? What could be the reason of it, I can't be suffering from detached vitreous at 17 can I? I read it's something that only happens in middle age? I've been coding a lot and working for long hours on computer since past week, could that be the reason for the flashes? I didn't use a computer today and I experienced no flash today, can eye strain cause flashes? And if it's actually retinal detachment then why am I not getting other symptoms and why have I suffered from these flashes for years without anything serious happening? Please help me I have OCD and I can stop obsessing and worrying about these floaters, my doc have warned me countless time not search my symptoms online cause the misinformation can cause me panic for days, I always think of the worst and now it's just so scary for me thinking about losing my vision because of a retinal tear or detachment, can I really be getting that such a young age with no history of eye problems?
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I can't stop obsessing*  not to search my symptoms* at such a young age* whoops sory for the grammar mistakes, I wrote this on my phone so I couldn't read and proof check it properly.
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