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Frequent Infection


It's the end of June and since November, I have been on antibiotics 4 times. The first time I got bit by some kind of bug in my car and the bite turned into lymphangitis. The second time was in February and I had a sinus infection that clogged my throat, turned my eyes red and gave me an ear ache in my left ear. The third time was in April and I got bit by another bug while I was sleeping and once again it turned into lymphangitis. For the latest round of antibiotics I was outside last week in the middle of the afternoon and I looked down at my legs and there was a big rash going up my shin. The urgent care doctor once again diagnosed that as lymphangitis and gave me more antibiotics. Each time the antibiotics have worked, however the frequent infections has me very worried. A month ago I was having stomach pains and had some blood work done. The results looked fine and was told to take a stomach acid medication. The stomach pain has since gone away. My palms have looked very red lately, however, I work in a grocery store and frequently work in the frozen section, without gloves, so they could just be dry.

If anyone has any thoughts on the frequent infections, I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!
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Have you been tested for Candida? This is a type of yeast infection that can cause some of the issues you are having. Given the amount of antibiotics you have been on, I would not be surprised if this was the case.
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