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Frequent hand movements

My 10 year old son had a burning sensation in is index/thumbs for about a week.  In monitoring that I notice that he keeps moving his hands and touching his fingers together.  He has been twirling his hair, biting his nails for years now.  This hand movement is new.  I am afraid that it is like Tourettes or something. Is there something I can do?
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Does your son play lots of video games?  If he does, he could be developing tunnel carpal problems.  My son's lifelong problem with tunnel carpal started when he was just a kid playing video games for too many hours a day.  Your son should limit the time he spends with the computer and other video games and should be careful with his posture while he's playing and should take frequent breaks and stretch his hands and arms.
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Yes, he does. He freaked me out today. He picked up his friends Ipod to play and his hands went crazy.  I told him not to play that thing for awhile to see if it helps.  I actually agreed with me - I think he finally get its.  It still gives me a pit in my stomach.  I am taking him to a Chinese Medicine Doctor on Tuesday for a 2nd opinion.  Otherwise we have to go to a neurologist.
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