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Frequent nighttime urination

I am 63 your old male. For the last 40 years I have had severe frequent nighttime urination. Started out five or six times per night I would wake up And now it is between six and 15 times per night.  I have been to over 100 medical doctors of all types in this 40 years and no one can tell me what the issue is. Just wondering if anyone out there has perhaps had any issues like this. Haven't had a good nights sleep and 40 years. No prostate issues!
Symptoms did seem to start after a four month round of strong antibiotic,  but can't say for sure that one of the cause.
I can tell you prescribing antibioticsBuy these guys dude make me sicker and many other areas. FYl  if you happen to take them, always replenish your gut with probiotics, because they kill the good bacteria along with the bad!! Not one ever told me to do this
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I have frequent nighttime urination when my magnesium is low. Give magnesium a try. Here is a link you can read through on the different types of magnesium available. As I found out, magnesium oxide doesn't do much!


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Hello~From the looks of it, you have probably had all the tests in the book, but I am just wondering if they have tested you for diabetes? If this has been going on for so many years, they probably have, but I was just curious.

This may sound strange, but I suggest seeing a chiropractor, you may have a misplaced vertebrae in your lower back causing this issue as it presses on a nerve that excites the bladder. He/she will be able to tell from an x-ray, and, if this is the case, a few adjustments should help.
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I have tried everything else so you just could be right about the chiropractic adjustment thing. I actually made an appointment for next week. Thank you
Sounds great, please let us know how it goes.
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