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Gas pains and Acid problems

To start off I have had stomach problems since I was 17. I suffered for years and got worse lost a lot of weight from being so sick all the time. In Feb, 2011 I got my gallbladder removed. It seemed to help me but I have still randomly had stomach problems. My GI doctor and other doctors just basically keep giving me different types of acid reducers but their all about the same to me and they don't always help. I'm able to eat now and I have gained a lot of weight since 2011 (which now I would like to lose some weight) but now my main problem is acid buildup which causes a burning sensation and I will get nasous from it until I eat something if I don't eat I will feel real sick from it. Which I think is whats causeing me to gain weight. Acid reducers just give me a lil more time till I have to eat but I still feel sick until I'm able to eat something. My other problem is trapped air and belching. Its a very uncomfortable feeling and this happens often. Its kind of painful and its hard to eat with the air all in my stomach. Sometimes it feels like I could throw it up like I use to when I had my gallbladder but now I just dry heave and the air stays usually until 24 hours. It can happen just because I took a sip of milk (happen last week) or a sip of coke which is what happen to me this morning and now I'm paying for it. If I take Beno before hand I'm usually ok but sometimes I do ok without it so I never know. Once I get the gas pain nothing helps. I just have to wait it out and suffer. I have tried Gas X, Beno, all kinds of acid reducers, anti nausea meds, and Probiotics. I don't even get to see my real GI doctor anymore its only his assistants and I have told them all of my symptoms they just try me out on different acid reducers. I asked what should I do about the gas they just said theirs not much I can do about it because its mainly caused from what I eat but that's not true sometimes I'm able to eat and drink without taking anything and I'm fine. I don't want to be like this forever its very miserable and frusterating. I just recently started babysitting for my friend and I noticed that when I have to wake up early in the mornings I get sick weather its acid and nasuea or gas pains all day. I hate feeling like that while trying to work. My boyfriend also has stomach problems and he gets real nasous and throws up acid or whatever he ate for dinner every morning right before he has to go to work and he usually gets better but some days it lasts all day. When hes off work hes fine. Its like something in the mornings triggers our stomach problems and makes them worse. I would just like to get to the bottom of this. Does anyone have any ideas whats good for gas pains? and whats the best kind of acid reducer? Any extra tips would be helpful. Thanks.
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Since both of you are sick - perhaps there is mold in your apartment - or a gas leak.  Either one would make both of you sick... please call the gas company to start with - they usually don't charge anything to check your stove, heater, etc.  - If it's mold it could be behind the wall in the bathroom or behind the kitchen sink.  

My stomach problems were so bad I had surgery - I don't recommend that right now...  Prilosec is a proton pump inhibitor and works differently than Pepcid.   Sometimes a little pickle juice or a little apple cider vinegar in a glass of water will help, also.

Sorry you're sick,  and I truly hope you get to the bottom of it.
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are they treating you for acid reflux.  I have pills my doctor gives me to help control it.  if I don't take it and my head gets low at night the acid will back up into my mouth and nose.  it burns so bad.  usually it makes me sick and I blow my nose and put vaseline up it to stop the burning.  then a glass of ice water.  I have to sleep with 2 or3 pillows he gives me omeprazole dr 20mg I take one before each meal.  soda pops will cause that reaction to. ask your doctor. mandh876
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Hello, Thanks for the comments. My bf and I don't live together and we have both have had stomach problems before we even knew each other. No one else that lives with us is sick either so I don't think mold or gas is the problem. Prilosec (omeprazole) was one of the first acid reducers I have tried it doesnt do much for me. Their all about the same they just give me a little extra time until I have to eat or I will get real sick until I do and after eating or drinking certain thing can cause gas pains and other times im fine and can eat/drink whatever I want. I have had 2 upper endoscopys they just say my stomach produces to much acid. Im mainly just needing something to help control the gas pains or keep it from happening before it happens. My parents think I have something my grandpa use to have. He had similar symptoms most of his life and doctors never could find a dignosis. He didn't get better until he had heart surgery. They don't know how that fixed it but it somehow did. My grandma said her doctor gave her prescription medicen for gas but my doctors always told me their isen't much they could do about it.
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I would recommend doing some research on supplements for those who have had their gall bladder removed.  A lot of people have misconceptions about the digestive system regarding stomach acidity and particularly the function of the gall bladder.  First off your stomach needs to be acidic to break down the food you eat.  Using any kind of acid reducer whether it be a prescription or even a simple tum may take away that acidy regurgitation but its actually making the problem worse!!!!  The reason gas is produced in our digestive tract is because food sits in the gut and essentially rots.  So when you use acid reducers your preventing impairing and already impaired system.  

Now on top of that having your gall bladder removed causes less efficient fat breakdown because bile becomes super concentrated in the gall bladder to be released when eat.  The combination of acid reducers and the gall bladder removal is definitely detrimental your digestive function.  This can become a serious issue over time because essential vitamins, amino acids and other important nutrients arent broken down enough because your stomach isnt acidic enough and its not being absorbed in the small intestine because undigested fat is sweeping all of the same stuff right out of your body.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to the issue but a well balanced diet and exercise are always beneficial.  I know bile salt supplementation is very beneficial post gall bladder removal.  The bile salt supplement compensates for what has been lost from the gall bladders removal, improving fat breakdown and helping some with nutrient absorption.  

Finally I know its not the popular opinion but consulting a nutritionist or someone who can look specifically at the disease process might be able to get you on a really good supplement regimen. It might seem like a minor thing but prescription drugs are just masking the true underlying issue.  Unless your want to be lifetime user of prescriptions its definitely worth check out alternative routes.

Best of luck!
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