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Gastronogolgy Help please

Hi There

Please can someone in the medical profession help me my friend has felt unwell, tired.. lethargic and has a ringing sound in his head and is constantly drained.

He has had serval blood test and the results are as follows

Serum Ferritin 901
Haemoglobin concentration 17.4
Total white blood count 10.3
Red blood count 5.23
Lymphocyte count 4.7
Serum triglyceride 4.79
Serum total protein 83.0
Serum alanine 87.0
serum gamma-transferase 81.0
Calcium 2.37
Serum triglyceride 4.97  
Please can someone help us in this matter with an idea of what could be wrong.The waiting list to see a gastroenterologist is around 6 weeks here.

Thank you
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Why is he seeing a gastro? I need more symptoms to help.
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Sounds like iron overload.  Hemochromatosis.  He needs to see either a cancer specialist or a hemotologist -  It can damage the liver and other organs.  Not good.  Sorry.  My grandsons have hemochromatosis - they drink Green tea to make them anemic from time to time.   Serum Ferratin should be 400 or below for a male.
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Hi Jamie

His own doctor has referred him to see a gastroenterologist because of this tiredness and high ferritin level, his symptoms are  fatigue,tiredness he can be watching a program and the next minute he's asleep.He gets aches in both legs when this comes on i believe (but i must check again) he gets ringing similar to a buzzing light he describes it has, and then a sharp pain similar to a head ace.He's constant drained and somedays he looks paler than other days.
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Hemochromatosis causes headaches - and if you cut yourself, you don't bleed.  The blood is very thick and hard to draw and very dark.  It can cause poor circulation because the blood is too thick to travel to all parts of the body.  It can make you feel quite ill.  My grandsons, my daughter and I all drink green tea to chelate some of the iron out of our blood.  (I am a carrier and need a phlebotomy maybe once every two years.)   Phlebotomy is "blood letting".  A pint of blood is removed to allow the body to make new blood that isn't as thick.  
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Hi Silverfox

Thank you for the information i will read up about this condition in detail.
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