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I have an all over achy feeling, lots of fatigue, cant sleep at nite due to legs feeling heavy, twitchy, tingly etc.  The fatigue is the worst, the pain is sometimes more than I can tolerate but I have no choice since doctors dont listen or dont believe me when I try to explain what I am feeling.  At first they said I had Lupus, this was not the case, I get very emotional because no one believe's how bad I feel everyday, I have been told by doctors "maybe if you lost some weight you would feel better", "maybe it's all in your head.  Recently I have been getting cramps in my arms that travel down to my hand then my at least 2 or more of my finger's lock in a fist position, then after it is over my fingers feel numb for several min after.  
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Have you had your thyroid checked? Your endocrinologist should have your thyroid stimulating hormone TSH checked,anything above 2.5, not the old 5.0 level is not good. If your thyroid is the problem then causes like physical and emotional stress, poor nutrition should be the first thing to work on before a Rx. is written. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and get your sleep. Manage your stress through biofeedback, which incorporates both deep breathing and meditation. Try the Mediterranean diet! Check the following  hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/pyramids. html Mediterranean-based food pyramid. Soy and raw cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale) may suppress thyroid function, so stick to small amounts of fermented soy (miso, tempeh) and steam cruciferous vegetables. Your doctor should also check your adrenal glands.
Did your doctor rule out Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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I'm unsure of any disorders that may be relevant to you, but I could share with you some personal experiences of mine that might spark an idea or two.  All throughout high school I experienced this:  I would get home from school and want to sleep all day because I just felt all kinds of icky.  But I couldn't, despite being tired.  I would sleep off and on all day and night, and be tired ALL THE TIME.  It was awful!  It didn't help with depression and such, either.

Then, I started eating better.  I cut out all fast food, ate cooked meals with all natural ingredients.  And despite my lack of energy, FORCED MYSELF to exercise.  I started small, daily walks.  Those turned into runs.  Now I try to run a few times a week.  I also started taking multivitamins.

You get out of your body what you put into it.  A better diet provided me with a potential for overall better health.  Exercising was not only good for me, but it tired me out to where I was able to pass out at night and get a full night's rest.  I also stopped eating at least 2 hours before bed.  I've noticed sugars, even those in all natural juices, could keep me up.

I also ditched the caffeine.  Soda AND coffee.  It took some adjusting to fully 'ween' off of the caffeine, but it definitely helped my sleep patterns.

So don't listen to 'lose some weight', view your options and potential ways to increase your overall better health.  I can't believe how much more energy I have and how much better I sleep when I'm having an active week.  Whether you choose to supplement with a multivitamin or not is of personal preference.  I take mine every morning when I wake up so I have a routine.

I really hope you can get to the bottom of things!  Hope you feel better soon.  :)
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Please look at your diet.... Have you got mercury amalgams in your mouth?  ( Silver fillings) mercury vapour poisons you and is released when you chew, drink hot drinks.... It gets into every cell in your body... Thats the first thing to investigate if you have them, if not, thats great. Do yourself a favour and watch this fantastic doco... 'food matters' you can watch it online.  after watching, you will know more than 99.9 of doctors.  Good luck, and good health to you!

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