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Hair loss

Hello, I have been having severe hair loss for quite some time and had basically given up and accepted it’s just female pattern alopecia (even though it is not in my familial genes)....until recently. I was recently found to have a B12 level of 236. From what I have read even though that is considered within normal ranges, anything from 200-400 is low and can cause symptoms. I was placed on OTC supplements.
Now I am wondering if the hair loss could have been from the low b12 all along, or if there could be another deficiency, like iron deficiency, or thyroid issue after all, that was causing the hair loss to begin with. My MD says I am not anemic but some of my levels seem to be borderline and I was once found to be anemic in the past during a hospital stay. I would like another opinion. Below are my most recent labs:
Total iron 103, iron binding capacity 447 (normal high), methylmalonic acid 166, % Sat 23, Ferritin 109, RBC 4.84, H/H 13.7/42.3, MCHC 32.4 (borderline low and my 2 previous tests from 11/2017 and 7/2018 were low at 31.3 and 31.9), Serum Folate 5.8, B12 236, TSH 0.44 (borderline low).
Also note that my CRP was elevated at 9.7 which I read can increase ferritin levels, possibly masking a deficiency. My Sed Rate was normal at 9.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm sorry you are having this issue!  For a woman, this is really traumatic.  I have to first ask if you have had your thyroid checked?  This is a reason for many women having hair loss. Since you are noting some nutritional deficiencies, can you rebalance those to see if it impacts your hair loss?  That's what I'd try.  Have your thyroid checked.  And is there any hope for you with the various hair loss products out there to improve things?  

I do have a niece who has a separate issue as she suffers anxiety and has a not that common form of it in which she involuntarily pulls out her hair usually while she sleeps.  She has made herself almost bald.  She is in a support group and traveled out of state to purchase what is the coolest wig/hair piece I've ever seen. Does NOT look like a wig and works with the hair she has left.  It's amazing!  It was super expensive but definitely gave her the ability to not be self conscious.  She had her baldness happen in her 20's. (she just turned 30).  

I know different issue but thought I'd give that info too.
Thank you so much for responding. My diagnosis of the low b12 was very recent so I just started on supplements, too soon to tell if it will stop the hair loss. Of course I hope it does. I plan to have my primary doctor check my other vitamin levels at my next appt. As for my thyroid, I have only had a TSH test done, which to me looks like it’s borderline (my result was 0.44 and the low normal is 0.40), but yet was told my thyroid is fine. Do you think I should see and endocrinologist?
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Please let me know if things get better as you supplement or adjust things to equal out the vitamin deficiencies. So, borderline slow thyroid.  Hm.  Endocrinologist, this is just my experience, are difficult to get into as they are super busy as a specialty.  And they are so used to dealing with more severe cases.  Maybe wait for that but if you think you can get in easily and your insurance covers the expense--  get on a wait list for an appointment.  Even though your doctor says yours is within normal, I'd still keep your eye on this and ask them to.  At your next appointment, bring it up again.  Maybe do another level check.

There is, and I hate to bring this up, also just female pattern hair loss in women.  That's the diagnosis and it just happens. This is genetic. :((  Do you have any hormonal issues?  PCOS can cause it, if you are near menopause?  So, have you had your hormones checked?
I will keep you posted. Thank you for the advice. Will have my primary do a more in depth work up!
Sounds good, come back and let me know!
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