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Have you ever been misdiagnosed?

I was referred to alternative pain management by my doctor for muscle tenderness/stiffness(she suspects fibromyalgia). My first appointment there was with the clinic’s therapist/social worker Mrs T(she does the initial intake for patients). We talked about 20min(me explaining my symptoms) and my appointment was over. I went to this office for the next few months alternating between the main doctor(Dr G who does my adjustments and a couple of physical therapist for strength training). I got initial relief immediately after my adjustments/physical therapy but it wouldn’t last(helped with stiffness not with soreness/tenderness). Once my weeks were up my main physical therapist said she would not dismiss me from physical therapy but would put me on hold instead(because I didn’t show much improvement but was still having pain). Fast forward to a week ago I signed up for the patient portal offered through my doctors office and immediately noticed some things in my chart. First Mrs T the therapist/social worker at alternative pain management diagnosed me with Adjustment Disorder w/physical complaints. I was shocked to see this because I never heard of it and I don’t recall my doctor ever mentioning it to me. When I googled what adjustment disorder was I really became confused. I had not recently had any trauma that I would be emotionally reacting to and I don’t suffer from any type of depression now and never have. I have had anxiety here and there but who hasn’t? When I reached out to Mrs T about my concerns she told me that basically because I had not gotten any relief from adjustments/physical therapy that my diagnosis is appropriate…what?! She also informed me that she could not change it and the only way that it could be changed is if my doctor agree that it’s not an appropriate diagnosis. I literally went to alternative pain management for my muscles…how did I leave with an emotional disorder diagnosis? Even when you look through my charts there is nothing that suggests any type of emotional or mental health disorder. I just think it’s crazy that patients can be slapped with emotional/mental health diagnosis just because they haven’t found a cause for your symptoms. I also seen in my charts that I smoke 14 cigarettes a day…I don’t even smoke cigarettes never have smh lol. This is all just frustrating honestly. This is in my charts and I don’t want future doctors to write me off when I have a complaint because they think I have an emotional disorder. Mrs T also said that I told her I don’t do the things I usually do like hanging out with family/friends. Like we’re in the middle of a pandemic that’s the only reason why I haven’t been getting out as much. I feel like she took my words and twisted them. I remember specifically telling her that my pain doesn’t stop me from doing my normal activities. Mind you I only seen her twice…the first time was my intake app(20min) and second time she came in before one of my adjustments and asked how was everything going. She was only in the room about 5min…I told her that initially my stiffness is gone but usually comes back by the next day and the tenderness stays. How does this equate to adjustment disorder? She kept saying do you understand now…umm no actually I don’t. Has this happened to anyone? If so what did you do to correct it?
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Hello~I think if it were me, I would certainly change doctors.
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*Mrs T(Licensed Master Social Worker) diagnosis: Adjustment disorder w/physical complaint active 2021/03/05 Laurie Tobin

*Mrs T(Licensed Master Social Worker) Mental Health Notes: 2021/03/05 sleep behavior Appropriate Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 thought quality Organized Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 mental status examination: orientation E&M Oriented x3 Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 mood (mental status exam) Appropriate Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 Mental Status Exam: intelligence Above Average Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 mental status examination: judgement Appropriate Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 food appetite Appropriate Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 behavior (mental status exam) Appropriate Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 insight (mental status exam) Recognizes Problems Laurie Tobin
2021/03/05 mental appearance (mental status exam) Appropriate

*Dr G Notes:  2021/03/30 - 2021/03/30 Office Visit Derek I Grossman(Doctor of Osteopathic)
Cranial Somatic Dysfunction
Thoracic Somatic Dysfunction
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Dysfunction, Somatic, Pelvic Region

*My Main Physical Therapist Notes: rs2021/04/22 - 2021/04/23 Office Visit Bhupinder Kaur(Licensed Physical Therapist)
Muscle Weakness (Generalized)
Painful Arc Syndrome
Neck And Back Pain
Pain In Limb - Multiple

*Physical Therapist Assistant Notes: 2021/03/23 - 2021/03/24 Office Visit Kayla George
Somatic Dysfunction Of Cervical Region
Somatic Dysfunction, Lumbar
2021/03/16 - 2021/03/16 Office Visit Kayla George
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Scoliosis, Mild
Diminished Night Vision

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