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Head Fogginess, legs cold n sensitive, sweating for 5months straight

Someone please help me.

This problem started in November, got worse in December and has remained constant til now.  Felt initial feelings of the flu and thought it was that in the beginning.  After that passed, my head has remained in a constant fog where i feel dizzy throughout the day, especially in the mornings.  Eyes are having trouble focusing and almost feels like vertigo at times.  Headaches are there as well, like sinusitis ones.  They are constant as well. Nothing like migraines just yet.  What adds to it are the pins and needles feeling on my legs as well.  Like even the bedsheet touching my legs kinda hurts and is overall uncomfy.  My feet were cold for a long time as well.  Not to the touch but internally.  Had to wear socks to bed.  I start to sweat for no reason sometimes, primarily on my back when it does happen, sometimes accompanied on my legs.  My overall everyday is def not even close to a 100%.  I have major issues sleeping.  Only for like 2/3 hrs and then i wake up.  I sometimes can go back to sleep but it takes a while.  Nothing is the same

I went and did blood work and all indicators were fine for the cbc, lipid panels, stds, etc.  My cholesterol was high but i run high since i was young and have drastically changed my diet since then.  I even went and checked my heart.  Did a stress test, checked the calcium levels.  Everything seems to be fine w the results.  

Do i need to maybe look at a mri or cr scan of the head?  Problem is the cost is high and trying to hold off but this issue truly sucks but not sure if the mri/cr testing will even show whats wrong w me?!  

Another thing to add, i did quit smoking and coffee at the same time.  I was about 2 espresso and half a pack a day kinda person.  A major point to add to this is that i quit while this issue was happening.  Maybe a couple months in w the exact same symptoms.  So its the same feelings before and after i quit.  Wanted to throw that out there.  I drink but not regularly, maybe 1 to 2x a week.  I exercise everyday, without question.  Its the only thing that kinda makes me feel a bit better.  

Someone pls help.  There is more but this encompasses the gist of my current story.

Thank you for your time!
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My cholesterol rose with exposure to toxic mould. One of the reasons cholesterol rises is to try and protect the body from harm.
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Hello~I think it would be wise to see a neurologist and/or an endocrinologist. Some of your symptoms point to possible MS. Having more in depth test are required in my opinion to determine to ascertain what the issue may be.
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