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Head pain

For the last few weeks, I've had short, stabbing pains on the left side of head near the temple, above it and sometimes feel it in the back of my neck. I get this several times a day. My Neurologist thinks it's a form of migraine and suggest taking melatonin for 4 weeks. Any suggestions?
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I hope she done all the basic tests like blood pressure, etc
Migraines can be triggered by long list of options. Perhaps spending lesser time in front of a TV or computer may help. Some people avoid cheese. Some go to the extent of avoiding tomatoes and even lemons. I believe Almonds are great. You should take almonds on a regular basis, 3 0r 4. also, limit your caffeine and especially nicotine, if you smoke. Exercise always helps, especially a morning walk. Avoid stress, Live a healthy life style and do not overthink or think over issues of past that may trigger the migraine. Live Honesty! Live free!
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I recommend seeing a chiropractor, they specialize in treating headaches. You could very well have some pinched vertebrae in your neck and upper back.
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