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Headaches and other problems (male, 17)

Since early January I've been experiencing a persistent throbbing headache. The throbs are sharp and usually last 3-10 seconds and occur anywhere between every 10-60 mins. The headache went away for most of February but came back again. I've had it daily since then except for last week when it seemed to temporarily go away.
I've suffered from migraines for years (about once a month). Lately I've been experiencing more frequent 'full blown' migraines.
I have been worrying that I have a brain tumour a lot which hasn't done me any good. In the last few weeks I haven't been as bad as I think it could be a Transformed Migraine.
I went to the doctor last month and she did some neurological tests on me and checked my blood pressure and eyes. She seemed to think that my migraines had changed and referred me to a neurologist.

Since then I've had some more symptoms (I don't know if they are related). I have been getting occasional pain in my arms and legs. Today I have a pain in my left arm, at the moment it just seems to be my left wrist (and right thumb in the last few minutes).
I've also felt a slight pressure like sensation in the top of my head which is relieved by lying down.
I thought that these symptoms could be anxiety related but I haven't really being worrying in the past few weeks and today the pain was there first thing in the morning.

I also have occasional sharp, stabbing chest pains, mainly in the upper right of my chest. This first appeared 1-2 months ago when I was lying in bed as a very severe pain concentrated in a small spot in the upper right of my chest. It hurt a lot if I swallowed or moved at all. It seemed to go away after about 30 minutes, Since then it has been nothing as bad and fairly infrequent. I doubt that this is related to my headaches but I'm still concerned.

Can anyone advise on what could be causing these problems please?

​Thank you.
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Have they suggested to take magnesium? It may help some people with migraines. It will also relaxes muscles.

Do you stay hydrated.
1 Liter water
1 – 1/2 tsp Celtic Salt
juice of 1 lemon
honey to taste
= natural, homemade Gatorade
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