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Heavy, thick head sensation.

Hello there!

For a while now i have been having this heavy feeling (slight pressure) inside my head (not painful). It all started atleast 2 weeks ago,  before i went to collage again (for my 3. year).For 3-4 days my digestion was out of order (could only eat wholegrain bread), had GERD but that went away.  I started getting these fuzzy headed feelings for couple of hours and then disappear.  
Next up was my pancreas that started aching when i sat down or moved into certain positions. When i was moving then it was OK (fuzzy feeling was not there then). Well i thought at the time that it must be bloodsugar ... but it was OK. The pain went away in a couple of days and it was all normal again.  Then a few days before i left i had some fuzzy periods (couple of hours some days).  And i had some champagne (about 200ml) on my brothers birthday and i had this strange thick feeling at the back of my head. So it went away as the alcohol left my bloodstream and i was all good again... apparently.
Then the next day i drove 200 miles to my collage (had some strange tachardia on the way but nothing else). I was fine that day and most of the next one. I went to get my bicycle across town. I walked and as suddenly i felt my eyes are so heavy and head went thicker as i kept going. So the feeling stayed and the next day i did some exercising (in order to relive the unknown feeling) and aggrivated it and i was so numb and cut down that i could not even think what to do. I went a whole week like that. I was in bed for the weekend and went to the emergency room on monday. They said it was Lyme and i got some Doxycycline. So indeed after i had taken the first 10 x100mg  i felt superb (no fuzzy feeling). Only some muscle pain at the pack of my head that went away after the next 10x 100mg.
But then it started to come back. My doc said that it was because i exercised again (i did run a few miles because I felt fine). All the blood test were fine btw, nothing abnormal. BMI is 23. No physical pains or anything just the dizzy/thick/heavy head with pressure inside scull (thats all that still remains). Emotionally no anxiety feelings or whatever have appeared while I have this thick feeling. I still take the antibiotics.
What could it be? I feel fine besides the thick head.
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Your symptoms are fatigue, but very much pronounced. After reading your story, several things came to mind: sinus & ear congestion; general fatigue; adverse effects of a medication, food or substance; or atypical migraine. To diagnose this over the internet is virtually impossible, but I would suggest the following:
1. Keep a journal of your sleep. Ensure that your are getting 8 hours of sleep. Note naps, etc
2. In the log, write down the times when you feel the thickness the most and what other symptoms you are feeling as well.
3. If you smoke or use tobacco products, stop them
4. If you take energy drink stop those
5. If you drink alcohol, stop that
6. After the above steps, if you still feel these symptoms after 2-3 weeks, go to your primary care provider and show him the log.
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Just to make things clear....
I sleep well actually... the only part of the day i enjoy. I dont smoke. Been sober for 2 months. And i dont drink coffee, energy drinks. I am now going to give myself as much rest as possible.
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