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Help my 7 year old daughter came home with HEAD LICE

My 7 year old daughter beth came home from school with a letter from her teacher stating beth had lice. I ran to the nearest pharmacy to see what can help me but they only had Toxic OTC products that i would never put in my kid or anyone elses kid in a million years. My friends told me about this "All Natural Lice Removal" from a woman named Dalya Harel CEO of http://licebustersnyc.com/. what do you think i should do guys?
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Well people have used those other products FOR YEARS. I've never heard of anything bad happening from them. I never heard of them being toxic either.
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to tell you the truth with being a kperson who as a kid had to deal with head lice u have to use the most potient thing out there possible us nix
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My daughter had head lice in Kindergarten and we used a regular mixture of cooking oil and vinegar.  Saturate the hair, including the scalp, and leave on for an hour.  Take a metal tooth nit comb and remove all nits.  Repeat every day for 5-7 days.  While it won't effect the nits, it will kill live lice and by repeating every day, you will kill any lice that hatched from a nit that may have been missed.  Dawn liquid detergent is great to get the oil out.  A little more work but safe as can be and very effective. Don't forget to vacuum carpets and wash bedding.  Toss the pillow in the dryer on high heat for 20 or more minutes and clean combs and brushes.  Good luck!!
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i have a 8yr old who has head lice i have been battling this for about six weeks straight she has missed so much school and i am almost crazy i have combed and washed clothes and spayed the bedding spray on everything i threw out all the brushes and bought new ones  she will not sit still for me to pick themout one by one i have tried about four diff brands including nix and nothing is helping please if anyone can help i would be so grateful
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