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Help..I think I have lupus

I think I might have lupus the doc did an ANA test that came back positive with a homogenous and speckled pattern ratio 1:160 I have been feeling extremely weak and extremely fatigue..I also have been having shortness of breath and memory problems..Could someone help I'm going back to specialist on weds
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The symptoms you have mentioned do not specifically suggest lupus. The positive ANA is suggestive of the disease but it is not diagnostic in the absence of clinical symptoms. A positive ANA titre of more then 1:160 is generally more specific, 1:320 is more diagnostic.
There are some diagnostic criteria to be fulfilled for people to be diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. 11 in all, 6 of them are related to physical symptoms and others are the results of lab investigations. Physical symptoms include
1. Malar Rash
2. Photosensitivity
3. Discoid rash with raised margins and scaling
4. Arthritis
5. Seizures or psychosis
6. Oral ulcers

        Other criteria are the results of lab investigations
People have to fulfill at least 4 of the 11 criteria with the positive ANA to be diagnosed with lupus.
           A question, are you currently on any drugs that you take routinely? Some drugs can cause people to have a positive ANA.

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In addition to the last post I would say get also an anti-DNA test and Rhematoid arthritis test. They should biopsy the rash if you have one. Your complete blood count should show LE cells too.. But my friend had negative ANA and the biopsy of her rash (discoid lupus) was the only thing that came up positive. If it is systemic lupus you may not have a rash but you should have the other symptoms such as going pain, rash on the face, sun senstiivity and so forth. It may be a different autoimmune disorder too. The 1:160 is on the edge of positive. I hope you are going to a hematologist or rheumatologist?
take care,
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There's lots of stuff that can cause + ANA and your symptoms...make a list of any other unexplained medical problems / issues before your appointment with the Rheumatologist (rashes, eyes problems, joint problems, lung problems...autoimmune diseases can cause many symptoms, and there are other AI diseases that cause +ANA).  Your doc should ask alot of questions but it helps to be prepared.
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Oh also ~5% of people have ANA, but are completely healthy...so it could be something else entirely.  Healthcare...so frustrating....
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