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Highly visible veins?

Hi, I'm not quite sure where to post this question, so I will try here first..
Tonight after I showed I noticed across my chest and arms I have large dark blue green veins running across. They do not look like vericose veins as they are too deep under the skin. Either I haven't noticed these before, or they're new. Recently, I found my blood pressure was a little on the high side, and I sometimes have a "can't get air" feeling in my chest that I've generally chalked up to anxiety and stress. I'm 24, smoke some, and do my best to get some regular exercise. I'm normal weight, and don't feel as if I'm horribly unhealthy though I do have some bad habits. My heart rates generally normal, but I have SVT and occasionally experience random increases or skipped beats... Does any of this seem connected? Does anyone have veins like this that they haven't noticed and then suddenly they seem like they're in your face? It's definitely not helping the whole anxiety thing!
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I also noticed this on myself and felt like I had a road map across my chest and shoulders.  A while after, I started getting spider veins around where my bra sits around my ribs on the front.  My recommendation is to have them check the blood flow in the upper part of your body.  I have a condition that causes my lymph nodes to enlarge in my chest (fibrosing mediastinitis) and one has closed off my superior vena cava to my heart.  These veins I see are called "collaterals" where my body reroutes the blood to my heart and lower half of my body since the main vein can no longer do it.  It isn't as serious as it sounds, it won't kill me and I just get dizzy when I stand up too quick.  Also, blood not draining from the upper half does elevate blood pressure in your arms.  If they check you leg, it very well might be low...Good luck!
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Usually a hot shower will cause the blood to pump faster which would cause your veins to "bulge". I have very fair skin that does the same thing when I over exhert  myself.
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