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Hip joint pain

Hi all, I’m after needing some advice, I’m currently suffering from hip pain that alternates between the left and right hip joint more towards the groin where the hip joints are. I’m a 32 female neve had this sort of pain before and in good health. So I’ll just let you know a little of an incident that happened few months back, maybe this could be the reason my dr doesn’t think so I think otherwise. So a few months back I was dropping my toddler twins off at child care, I get out of the car to take my son out however he took his shoes off so I stood on the road passenger back side putting his shoes on when some moron comes flying through a no entry street loses control and smashes right into my legs and car door, he just drove off I was left shocked and with really bad bruising luckily I didn’t get injured badly it was more of bruising, upper legs and lower legs. anyways at the time I didn’t have hip pain, wasn’t til a month later around my periods I got hip pain for the first time, didn’t think anything of it, and r went away, however this time I got my periods not sure if it’s coincident or  my periods trigger it but it’s very painfully my hip area, I can’t bend forward as my hip joints hurt. It’s like a dull ache and alternates between both hips. Could this be from the hit and run accident? And does anyone know what it could be?
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Your doctor doesn't think a car hitting your car door and leg would be involved in hip pain?  Sounds plausible to me!  Perhaps ask for follow up and get an X ray done or see an orthopedist.  In  the mean time, gentle stretching may help.  I am a big fan of physical therapy in that they give you exercises and stretching moves that can help heal or bring back normal function.  I also would think that taking a NSAID or ibuprofen would make sense as it reduces swelling.  I was reluctant to take ibuprofen as I was nursing and was being old school after a car accident and it was a physical therapist who made sure I knew that one of the functions of nsaids and ibuprofen was reducing swelling and if something is causing pain, it is often because of internal inflammation in that area.  Controlling that will help healing. Worked for me!  Sorry you are having this problem . .  mom's need to be mobile and pain free.  Let me know how it goes!
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