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How effective is the Depo Provera Birth Control Shot...hearing horror stories..help?

So, i'm thinking of switching my birth control. i was on the pill, but sometimes i forgot to take it and i don't take it at the same time always. i was reading up on depo provera...i've heard some great things & then i have heard some complete horror stories! can anyone on this pill tell me about their experiences please? i have read you don't get your period anymore, tons of weight gain, hair loss, increase your risk of getting breast cancer...i mean is all of this true. please share with me b/c i am kind of nervous to get on this birth control.
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Hey!  I was on the depo shot years ago.  I didn't get my period for 3 years and I really, really loved that aspect.  As for the weight gain it is true but here is how it breaks down (as recently told to me by my gyno).  The depo shot has a tendency to make you hungrier than usual.  So, it's not arbitarily making you gain weight, it's what you put in your mouth that makes you gain weight.  I didn't have any hair loss while I was on it.  For me, it was the best solution at the time as I am horrible at remembering to take pills too.  I'm using Nuvaring now.  Hope this helps some.  
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so, like you get no sings of your period at all during the months? like do you stop getting your periods right away? does it effect also if you are able to have children later on once you stop taking it? thanx for the info though :-)
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From what I understand it is different for different people.  For me, a month into it my period stopped completely.  I never had any signs at all.  As for children, I've had two beautiful babies since going off the shot.  We had some trouble conceiving but that was because my husbands sperm count was low.
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ok, that doesn't sound bad. thanx!
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