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How long do you look for an answer?

I have too many issues and I'm tired of going to the doctor.  When does one just give up?  I'm female, 58.  I have had bi-lateral partial release of plantar-fascia almost 20 yrs ago.  It took a year to recover from but it seems to have worked.  I had a hysterectomy with blood clots in my lungs after, took blood thinners for 6 mos., everything seems ok.  I had gastric bypass in 2005 and lost 115 lbs.  which I kept off for 9 yrs, then after swallowing a couple of gallons of water for a colonoscopy, I started to gain and gained about 30 lbs back. I had tummy tuck and breast lift in 2008.  I had knee problems and ended up having 2 partial replacement, and one redo with a total knee.  When I came off pain meds after the knee surgery, my shoulder and neck began to hurt.  Did lots of PT and massage and chiropractic care and finally had shoulder surgery for a SLAP lesion and floating bone fragments.  Because my neck hurt so much also, had an MRI on that with the shoulder surgeon.  He said I had thyroid nodules, one particularly large.  They biopsied the small one that seemed hard and it came back benign.  After shoulder surgery am dealing with much neck pain along with recovery on shoulder. Had that on March 10.  Previously had blood in stool and many diagnostic tests with no finding.  So after shoulder surgery I have lost 20 lbs. and have had stomach issues.  I am so tired of being tired and in pain that I have no motivation to keep going to the doctors.  I have faith that the shoulder will heal, and am hoping that the neck will improve after the shoulder heals.  I like the weight loss, of course, but am a little concerned about it since I'm having bowel problems.  The mental issue of the whole mess is dragging me down.  I have had addiction issues with the pain meds, but would have given up a long time ago if I had not had some pain relief.  I've been to rehab, and I go to meetings and see my sponsor.  It's hard to form a group of friends when you never feel like doing anything, but I try.  Anyone have any advice for me?
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I don't think you ever give up. But you can take a break for yourself.
Also, you might want to read "Kitchen Table Wisdom" by Doctor Naomi Remen. She is a highly respected physician and her stories (short ones. one page usually) do pick you up. I have recommended her book to many, and they have been helped. The book should be available in your local library.
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