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How to deal with on going problems?

To start off I have been suffering with stomach problems for years and now heart symptoms. I went to my new doctor today to try to get reffered to a different GI doctor because they dont do anything for me anymore besides give me acid reducers that dont really help and I barely get to see the actal GI doctor anymore. They should be trying to figure out whats causing my stomach to produce to much acid. If they figure that out maybe then they could help me feel better. Its like they have given up on me since I had my gallbladder removed in 2011. I also wanted to see a Cardiologist to check out my heart. I have got a chest ultrasound done but never heard back on my test results. So my doctor today just told me to try to schedule appointments with them then if I need to be reffered she could do it. She said she dont think my heart symptoms are really anything to worry about or that its linked to my stomach issues but my grandma gets real gassy and her Cardio doctor told her it was her heart causing it. So since Im always getting gas pains I want to just get it checked out to be on the safe side. My grandpa also had similar stomach issues for years doctors never figured anything out. He didnt get better until he had heart surgery. My doctor also said I need to watch what I eat but it dont seem to make a difference and it dont make any sense normal people can eat whatever they want with no problems but with me I can feel real sick if I wait to long to eat or right after I eat. I hate living my life at my age not knowing how Im going to feel on a daily basis. It gets depressing and its hard to deal with. Its like the doctors don't know whats wrong with me so they just blow me off. I feel like im losing hope and like Im just going to be stuck living my life this way. I dont think doctors understand how bad it can get and make me feel. I just want to be normal again. Everyone tells me to go to the doctor but I have several times and it dont do any good. Nothing changes it just gets more depressing. I basically just wanted to rant. My question is how many people on here have actally been to several doctors over an ongoing problem with no help? How do you deal with it?
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I took my mother off nexium (her health had deteriorated drastically on this drug) when i read that low stomach acid is the most common cause of acid reflux. A simple online baking soda test to test for stomach acid confirmed my mother had severely deficient stomach acid.

I took her off nexium put her on digestive enzyme supplements and betaine HCI (hydrochloric acid) with pepsin supplements. Her severe GERD and severe LPR were gone in weeks and painful bile gastritis (due to gallbladder removal) improved 90% in a year and was gone in two years.  Hope this helps. :)
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try activated charcol, twil help with the stomach problems mix it with molasses .
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Don't give up keep fighting and be persistent. Pray day  and night god sees whats wrong and will show it to dr's. But yea can be your diet causing you to be real gassy can't see no connection with the heart. If you have a real acidic diet it can raise your acid levels and throw off your Ph balance making your body more acidic.  Giving you tons of gas and stomach pains and heartburn, night heartburn. May even have gerd or acid reflux disease. As for your heart would keep an eye on it may just be muscle spasams that we get sometimes from moving the wrong way cause thats all our heart is is just a large muscle. Can e-mail you the diet I'm on for being gassy if you would like.
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DGL, a specially prepared form of licorice (which does not affect blood pressure in the way plain licorice can). This has been quite amazing for many people with GERD or reflux. Two lozenges before meals. It rebuilds the protective mucosal coating that lines the gastric walls so that acid (which we need for proper digestion) does not cause irritation and discomfort. Don't use the capsules, the DGL needs to make contact with your saliva to be activated.
Also smaller meals, don't eat too late in the day, avoid black pepper, caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods. Some people have tried eliminating gluten-containing grains (wheat, rye, kamut, and barley) and found significant relief from GERD.
Keep a food and beverage journal. It can help you identify, track and later avoid triggers. Eat small, frequent meals.
Wear loose clothing and maintain a healthy weight. Both can prevent stomach constriction and help reduce GERD.
Avoid lying down after eating.
Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises.
Sip chamomile tea. It can help soothe inflamed tissue in the esophagus.
Try sleeping on your left side. This may help move acid away from the entrance of the esophagus. Raising the head of the bed by a few inches can also help.
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Thanks for all the replys. I have been told by a few people on here maybe I actally dont produce enough acid and did some research on it which can cause about the same symptoms as to much acid. They have done 2 upper endoscopys and both times just told me I produce to much acid. I have threw up buckets of acid all night before I had my gallbladder removed and did a few months after surgery. A month ago I went to long without eating I started feeling real sick. I was to nasous to eat so I threw up acid a few times and finally took an acid reducer and ate a few bites of my dinner and started feeling better and was able to eat my dinner a few hours later. I tried not taking my acid reducer today and I started getting a burning in my throat so I took it anyway while ago and it helped. I probably should take a test to make sure. I dont really have heart burn though like people with acid reflux. Laying down after eating actally helps with the gas pains and dont bother me like it would with someone with GERD and propping my head up dont matter. My heart papitions have gotten a lot better since I started taking magnium and pottasum even though now my vitimins are suppose to be ok.
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