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How to gain weight

Hiii am honeybee am 21 years old n am jst 43 kgs ma height 5.5'' i dont hw to gain weight i luk vry skinny. Sumtimes i really get dpress plzz tell a vegetrian deit plan to put on sum weight
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honey bee
your name suggests for god as honey to lower fat
any way its time up to party
have aptizer and chickenfriedrice more
avoid chic gravys chilly etc to avoid depression
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Maybe you should see your GP and have some blood test to make sure you are properly absorbing the nutrition from the food you eat.
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Its all about eating well. Not rubbish, but a good nutritional diet. Doing enough excercise will improve apetite. However, Motherwell has a point. You need to make sure your body is working properly, so you should get your Dr to check you out.
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Yes, I agree with jampot260, diet is key!
Being a vegetarian you should eat a wide variety of Beans, Legumes, Lentil, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Fruits and Veg.
Research food combinations for optimal absorption, for example; having a source of vitamin C with a source of Iron will help you better absorb the Iron.
A good way to start the day would be oat (I add vanilla and cinnamon for some flavour) add a teaspoon of ground flax seed or a teaspoon of chia seeds to your oats, both will provide you with omega 3.
A little bit of knowledge can go a long way and all this info is readily available and I found it all very useful when switching to a vegan diet.
It would be a shame for someone so young to suffer permanent damage from being underweight.
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