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Hydrocodone Understanding for Sinuses ,ADD and Energy

I'll try to be brief and to the point. I'm annoyed because of all the politics right now that the medical community is not trying to figure out why Hydrocodone works so well for certain ailments and either coming up with better solutions or learning to use it better. I'm a long time sinus sufferer and hydrocodone with chlorotab which is the same thing as tuscinex works. It also gives me energy and focus. I believe I probably have limbic ADD. The last thing I want to hear is how addictive and the long bad road they can take you on. I get that but we spend so much time focusing on that we never think to focus on what people are saying when they say the above, what it means and use that information to study it or find alternatives. This is telling me something about myself. I need to let it direct me to some solution other than continue to suffer with these things and lose sleep. I've fought these items all my life and been hampered by them why does it work so well and what else can I do. Also please don't tell me hydrocodone deadens the cough reflex and suppresses coughs. This is the common perception and it is at best incomplete. It stops chronic excessive post nasal drainage. I don't care how much it might effect the cough reflex if you're being waterboarded by your sinuses your lungs are going to force that fluid back out. We need to stop all the stigma and use this information that's right here in front of us.
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Pain management medications are definitely under fire.  And that probably won't stop.  I understand your concerns.  So, assuming that won't get better, what about thinking of this in a different way?  How open are you to different ways of treating your issue with your sinuses?  What exactly is the issue with your sinuses causing chronic sinus problems?  My husband suffers also and has had one surgery but is not a candidate for any others due to an issue of a missing piece of bone in his forehead.  It would be too dangerous to operate with brain tissue right on the other side. So, he has learned to manage.  He never went down the road of narcotics when offered.  He has had extreme and unrelenting pain for a period of six months in the past.  But was too afraid of addiction to do that. So, he found relief in other ways.  Taking an antihistamine may help you since that is part of your regimen currently mixed with the narcotic.  Corticosteriods to reduce immflamation. Ibuprofen.  And daily nasal lavage. These things greatly helped my husband.  I'm sure you do not want to be on scheduled substances your entire life so try to wean and look for relief elsewhere. good luck
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Hello~I say do what is best for YOU, not anyone else, you know your body, you know what works, what may have side effects for some may not have for you. I, too, get tired of hearing all this "stuff" your body knows what it needs, go by it when possible.

I hope you feel better soon.
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