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I am dizzy every time I stand up as well as fatigued all of the time.

I am a 33 year old mother of 5 children ages 6,5,4, 2 and 1. Ever since I was pregnant with my first, I would occasionally get dizzy while standing. Since having my last in 2014, I now get dizzy every time I stand up from a sitting position. There are other symptoms that have persisted since the last child as well. I'm exhausted all of the time. While I know that being exhausted is a side effect of being a parent, this isn't normal. It feels like all I want to do is sleep. I have also been unable to lose weight. I walk 3 miles a day and haven't lost more than two pounds in the last two years. I also am experiencing a lack of libido. I talked to both my OBGYN and my general practitioner and they both told me not to worry about it. I feel like they're not really listening and I also feel like there's something more wrong with me. I shouldn't be feeling like this two years after my last child. On a what I think may be a related note, after having my last child, I was anemic and given 3 units of blood via transfusion.
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Please see your GP or preferably an Internist for a complete blood work up including thyroid, antibody (infection and autoimmune disorders) tests, as well as blood pressure monitoring for a few days.  If you are in a region with ticks, you might consider a lyme disease test as well.  Good luck to you!
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Are you on Cymbalta?  That can cause you to get dizzy and fall as a side effect.  If not find an ENT that specializes in Miniere's Disease.  Don't let the name scare you it's vertigo with crazy headaches that nothing can relieve.  They are unbearable if you have them but not everyone does.  An ENT who specializes in Miniere's.  If that's the problem, yours seems mild right now they would likely just give you 12mg of antivert. once or twice daily.  the only problem is that it may worsen your drowsiness.  You also can do more to lose weight just by changing your diet and taking a multivitamin than you can by walking.  Just eat healthy. avoid salt, bitter, sugar and all the good rasting condiments.  If you have to spice up a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, use fresh horseradish.  Eat a lot of green vegetables, broccoli for instance burns more calories than it has to begin with.  After 4 kids it's going to be harder to take off babyweight. the stress of chasing them all around the house might do it.
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Iron levels are above 10 or hemoglobin is above 10?

Do your prenatal vitamins have D3 and magnesium? If you're deficient, you need more.

Folic acid is tha bad version of the vitamin. Folate is what needs to be taken.

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I would only add folic acid..
And have ur thyroid checked.
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I was going to ask if you knew your iron levels. I was anemic, also needed blood with similar symptoms. I was dizzy all the time though.

After getting 2 units of blood I was told I was fine. Even though my hemoglobin was still below normal range, it was above 10 so they said it's fine. I later got a serum ferritin test to check my iron storage. It was 20. I know it needs to be above 50.

How is your blood pressure?

Another deficiency to check for is low Vitamin D3. I had it too. Causes anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Being deficient in D throws your immune system off and vitamins/minerals out of balance...including iron.

Low Magnesium and Low Vitamin B12 can do this also.

I've taken supplement (over the counter) for 13 weeks and I'm slowly improving. I started with the iron, D3, Magnesium & Vitamin K2 (distributes calcium properly).
D3 (not D2-Ergocalciferol), should be taken in morning or afternoon with fat in the meal to aid absorption.

I later added B12 Methylcobalamin & methyl-folate. I waited a few weeks because B12 uses the iron. They both rebuild the blood.

The iron supplement I take is prescribed. I take it with l-Lysine capsules, vitamin C & 1 teaspoon Organic unfiltered Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in orange juice. Iron and magnesium need to be taken at least 2 hours apart because they block absorption from each other.

Blood Tests:
25 OH Vitamin D
Magnesium RBC
Serum B12
HotoTC level
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Thank you for the information. I know my iron levels are above 10. I think last check they were at 11.1 or so. On advice of my OB, I'm still taking my prenatals because he says it would be the best vitamin for me.

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