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I don't know wat's wrong with me:(

I walk down the hall at school and get realy dizzy, this has happend sence 8th grade but resently its been so bad I almost pass out.I go to the doctor and tell him bout this he just says I'm crazy and gives me nothing for it.On top of that I'm haveing sharp pains at the back of my head and the top.Also sometimes when I turn my head it feels and sounds like it's poping...I'm asuming it's my spine or something and it's just the vibration....but seriously....I feel like I'm on death row...what is wrong wid me:(some1 who knows whats going on please tell me.
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I think it must have been a result of a fall you had maybe when you were little but that is something that has to be taken seriously, have you told your parents about it? try going to a different doctor and try drinking alot of water and good exercise.
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Yes i agree with above.see another doctor.My doctor said i was fine and i had a semi collapsed lung, he said "are you sure its not a stitch"?!?! i had to pester him to send me for an xray then he got it wrong again and told me i had a cold when i had a quinsy (a lump that keeps growing in the back of your throat till you cant breath, swallow or talk then it kills you coz you choke in your sleep ).a simple syringe and antibiotics cured that,but it was close to closing my throat up.
So to sum up dr's dont always know whats best, you can always insist that they check futher with more tests.
My mrs has anxiety attacks which make her go dizzy but as for the pain in your neck, maybe the two are not connected.
Hope this gets resolved for you, just try not to worry too much as that wont help.Things can be done-modern medicine is very good at sorting things out.
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yes my mom is one of those mom's that believes theres nothing wrong with her child and believes the doctor...I've been trying to go to the hospital and get a more proffesional persons opinion but like i said mom believes nothings wrong
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