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I feel like the life is being drained from me

I’m a 38 yr old woman in the UK and I’m experiencing some very horrible symptoms. I’ve been to my GP and she has put it down to stress!!! I feel constantly dizzy and have fuzzy hearing, I feel so weak, my legs are shaky and feel like they don’t want to carry me and feel like they’re burning too, I’ve had diorhea this morning which was black and smelt like metal and havenow noticed a really metallic smell on my hands. I’m so fatigued and I’m thinking this is something a little more complex than stress and depression. Can anyone give me any ideas? Please?
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Gosh, I'm sure sorry you are feeling so poorly.  So, couple of questions.  How is your diet?  And are you hydrated?  I have to wonder about that as some of these things can be due to low blood sugar.  Have you been sick lately?  Fuzzy hearing---  do you mean you are having difficulty  hearing?  Inner ear issues with the eustachian tube for example can cause hearing issues and dizziness/balance issues.  

I'm of the thinking that if a doctor does not take your symptoms seriously, see another doctor for another opinion.  If a second one also writes them off, then that has more credibility.  Stress CAN manifest into physical symptoms but couldn't say from your description that this is the case with you.  There could be other explanations as well as some of these things not being related at all but happening at the same time.
My diet has been a little poor for a while as I never seem to have an appetite so tend to snack a lot. I’m 5’8 and only 9st 3lb so not overweight. I do, however, have too much sugar in my diet and do realise it. I had an office job up until last week so for the last 3 months have done nothing but eaten rubbish sat at a desk all day. I had wondered about diabetes but I was also diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and endometriosis a couple of years ago too. I’m just not sure if to take myself straight to hospital or bother the GP with it again?
Mrs Rockis, I must admit you have provided  most of your own answers in this comment.

My intention is not lecture you, but your lifestyle and nutrition are the exact opposite to what I would expect a person with such conditions to follow.
No doctor can help you much if you eat rubbish and  consume too much sugar.
And naturally with a desk job and the way you're feeling now I can't see how you can incorporate some physical activity and exercise into your daily routine.
The black colored diarrhea with metallic smell is indicative of blood from higher up in your digestive track.
Crohn's is a very serious inflammatory bowel disease and you cannot get away with a rubbish diet  for too long without consequences.
You need to know what foods you tolerate best and avoid sugary junk foods like the plague!
They will only contribute to more inflammation and  totally destroy your health!
Time to revisit your lifestyle choices. No quick medical fixes here, to my opinion.
Check for nutritional deficiencies, iron status, B12 Methylocobalmin (MMA test), RBC electrolytes test
and have your Estrogen/Progesterone ratio checked.
Endometriosis due to estrogen dominance is likely  and should be ruled out. An unhealthy diet and inactivity are co-factors in estrogen dominance.
Endometriosis and Crohn's symptoms overlap and sometimes Crohn's is misssed when diagnosed with Endo and sometimes Crohn's is misdiagnosed in the presence of Endometriosis.
They also may share common causes.
Trying to find help through NHS  is yet another challenge.
If you can afford a reputable Holistic Practitioner outside NHS, by all means consider it as perhaps your most viable option.
But you'll need to make drastic changes on your own.  I'm certain you know it.
Best wishes,

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I think sometimes a generally unhealthy lifestyle devoid of healthy eating and exercise and also proper rest can take it's toll.  I wonder if you tried to clear that up, worked on that aspect if you wouldn't feel better.  A good mutli vitamin added too?  I'd try your GP rather than the hospital.  good luck
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I would ask your GP about peripheral neuropathy. This is diagnosed with a work up consisting of a physical and neurological examination coupled with blood work and possibly EMG testing. The good news is that if  this is your diagnosis, it is very treatable. I wish you all the best, and hope you feel better soon.
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