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I have left elbow pain. Is it serious?

Hey, I'm 20. I sit all day on pc that's why not surprised I have a pain on my elbow. I do fullbody workouts 3 times a week and I stopped it yesterday due to elbow pain while doing pull ups.

Here is my left elbow and I circled the area which hurts: https://prnt.sc/s0kksc
I feel the pain a lot when I do this exercise: https://prnt.sc/s0kn9c

There is some slight pain on right as well, but not as much as left elbow.

Last summer I went to the doctor to make right elbow to check if there is a problem or not (there was some tiny numbing) and there was no problem on my nerves.

I do carpal tunnel syndrome exercises of doctorJo as I'm scared of that syndrome. Should I stop doing wrest exercises or how often should I do them?
What is this are of elbow called?
Should I give a long break to working out at home?
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Hi there.  Great job working out!!  That's so important and especially if you are anywhere that is currently on pause due tot he corona virus.  BUT, pull ups are often associated with elbow pain.  I'd discontinue that particular exercise.  Pull ups will stress your elbows AND wrists.  I would ice the elbow and try ibuprofen if you can take that for any inflammation.  Go easy on other exercises until the pain is better. But in general, that may not be the exercise for you.  (pull ups). Are you doing cross fit?  
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Thanks for your answer.
No I don't do crossfit.
I just do full body workouts with body weight and dumbbells to build some muscle mass.
Max amount of pull ups I do is 3-4 a day as I can't do more.
I give 3 min breaks between each sets for better recovery, but I forgot to mention one thing. Few days ago I realized that I was doing the move lateral raise wrong. I was locking my arms which was giving more pressure to my elbow joints. I started doing lateral raise last week ( so I did it for 3-4 days) and this pain increased since then. This elbow problem is not new to me, but I believe lateral raise has some response for this problem.
Should I also keep doing elbow stretch exercises?
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If you are doing exercise in a wrong form then it will lead to injury. You should stop doing exercise for some days and take complete rest. If the elbow pain increases without doing exercise then you should consult your doctor.
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Hello~Ease up on the exercises that are causing the pain, and if it continues, then it is probably a good idea to contact your GP.
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That area of the elbow is the olecranon bursa. Inflammation/swelling of this region is called olecranon bursitis.
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