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I have small and large bruises that appear randomly on thighs along with joint pain

I am a 19 year old female with random bruising. The bruises on my legs are both large and small but appear randomly and usually the spot will itch the night before I get them then I will wake up with a new one in that spot. I do workout but I also would  get large painful soars in the corner of my lips when I was about eight. Needless to say they thought I had a vitamin deficiency but never tested me for it. I still get the soars randomly usually when I get my period and my doctor suspects that I have anemia during the time of my period but otherwise my blood tests came back fine when I went to the doctor last winter. I am healthy and do eat fruits, vegetables, and a good source of protein and fats. I also take multivitamins every morning but I am still randomly bruising. I also noticed that I've been having hip and knee pain randomly but not constantly but always thought it had to do with working out. I'm not sure if that is needed information but I'm not sure if I should see a doctor again. Any advice would help.
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I have bruising when I have iron deficiency anaemia. A multi vitamin will not correct any notable deficiency as you will need higher doses. I had cracks that were sore at the edges of my mouth (angular cheilitis) due to B12 deficiency.

"In the developing world, iron and vitamin deficiencies are a common cause.[5]" - Wikipedia - Angular Cheilitis
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