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I just want help

I just turned 24 and my period had almost been regular until after my wedding in 2011. I had missed June the month I got married, had one in July hen skipped August and September and it came the middle of October(very heavy) and didn't end until the middle of November. (In July I had moved to Reno,NV from Los Angeles,CA) I went to emergency and they told me I was fine. I spotted in December and then when January came I bled for 3 weeks. I went to the doctor and she put me on birth control taking 2 pills a day. It stopped the bleeding and I was regular for Feburary March April and May. I didn't have one in June July August and it came again in the middle of September and ended the middle of October. 11days after it ended I had one of my regular periods lasting 7 days. Didn't have one November and December I had a short light period for 1 day. I began spotting towards the end of January and now I'm bleeding and it has been very heavy since the 30th but it's lasted for 2 weeks now. I really don't know what's going on with my body. I can't see a doctor right now because I have no insurance. Can anyone help me?? Please??
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Hi, What you describe could be caused by any number of things, and there is a lot of additional information that would be needed to figure this out.  Like you don't mention whether the heavy bleeding includes large clots; whether you were using any type of birth control (before the pill was prescribed); if you are still using birth control, is it the kind that gives you only 4 periods a year?

Start by contacting the public health department for the county in which you live.  They will be able to help you find free or affordable care.  

You are young and it is not necessary for you to go thru your life with this kind of unnecessary grief.  Make the call and get started on getting back to your normal life.

Good luck and take care,

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I, and both of my daughters went through this type of thing and it was caused by fibroid tumors. When you went to your Doctor, did she do a vaginal ultra sound?That was how they found mine. I agree with Nina. You need to contact the public health department in the county you live in. Both of my daughters have seen the nurse practitioner, employed but the county,  for reduced health care.  I hope all is resolved for you soon.
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