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I really need some professional guidance as to what kind of Dr can help me get BETTER Here is my Journey.of last 18 months.

   Past Medical history-elevated ANA since 2002, cesarean section 07/1996 & 7/2002,stag IV endometriosis diagnosed 1998,diagnosed with Lupus in 2003 hysterectomy leaving both ovaries 2003 for excessive bleeding & enlarged uterus,

On Dec. 4,2009 I wad admitted through the E.R to the hospital. The reason I was told I was being admitted was that my blood test results indicated sever gallbladder & pancreas disease. I was admitted on the  surgical floor.
   They ran test after test along with 3 sets of abdominal x-rays, 3 MRI's, and 2 ultrasounds. FINDINGS: No gallstones, no enlargement of bile ducts. There was a 2.6 cm right ovarian cyst with multiple follicles on BOTH ovaries.Several air pockets found in abdominal area. Inflammation of the colon was apparent. Gas pockets were also noted in large.
   After all this, the General surgeon at the hospital finally came to talk with me and give me the results of testing.I was told I needed an emergency Colostomy surgery, a major operation, and will require a hospital stay of at least several days and six weeks or more of recovery at home. The operation was the same day, 2 hours later.This is where my hellish nightmare begin and STILL as of 3/11/2011 I have been in a  FIGHT for my life.

   In March, I still had same symptoms WITH ADDED abdominal pain and swelling in lower abdomen. Once again I was sitting with my PCP trying to solve the riddle. I was sent for another CT scan and an Ultrasound that same day. Both were ordered on abdomen and lower pelvis.

   Here were the findings: The left ovarian cyst that the Dr. left alone (but visually noted and documented) was then at 9 cm. I was in total shock! That was the very first I had heard about a cyst I had let alone seeing that it more than tripled in such short time, a little over 3 months. I was immediately sent to BNH-Center For Women & Cancer.
      The new Dr ordered 2 last test, an MRI on the cyst, and a C-125 blood test. That's when we discovered it wasn't a cyst at all, but rather a Large Abdominal Mass/Tumor that was 12.9 cm. I was told I had to have it removed ASAP and sent for biopsy. The surgery was scheduled for the next Monday. Almost a year ago from today.The tumor was removed and I started the recovery process all over again hoping and praying there was an end in sight.
   Four months come and went. Some of the issues had been resolved, but I was having new additional pain with very alarming stomach problems. I truly felt as if I was getting sicker by the day. Every time I go to Dr. they seem to find something else wrong.
  My PCP and I again began a new quest to find out what was going on! By now I'm starting to lose my nerve and patience. I wonder if maybe it's in my head or if I'm ever going to get better.
    I was sent for another CT scan to look for abnormal growths (by then I am sure that the tumor is back) and thinking that it's cancer.
   Thankfully the CT SCAN did not find any new growths in stomach. Rather it showed I had a 2cm nodule. A solitary pulmonary nodule which  is a single abnormality in the lung that is smaller than 3 cm in diameter. Generally, a pulmonary nodule must grow to at least 1 cm in diameter before it can be seen on a chest x-ray film. The other finding was that I had a abdominal incisional hernia.
    Once again i was sitting in the office of a General Surgeon discussing going under the knife again! This time for an abdominal incisional hernia. The 3rd time in 7 months! this surgery took place on 7/11/2010
    My whole stomach was double line with Mess Netting. The Dr. told me that every place I had an internal stitch placed had herniated for a total of 4 different places. And still she did not think that this could explain my symptoms or all the upper right quadrant pain.
     Recovery for me is still underway physically. The pain still exists.
   On Sat. 03/05/2011 I had another very painful experience that knocked me on my *** again! I refused to go to E.R knowing that all they could was offer me drugs and maybe shake my hand good-bye. I have almost given up any and all hope of finding answers and explanations as to what is slowly sapping the life out of me.
Mon. 03/07/2011 I went to PCP with the pain once again. It was all I could do to walk to exam room. I went over symptoms with the Dr. and told him I thought perhaps I had another Ovarian cyst rupture. He ordered another STAT CT scan with contrast IV and told me to go straight to hospital and to NOT LEAVE until he called me and instructed me as to what to do.
                      Impression of CT ABDOMEN AND PELVIS WITH CONTRAST
Right ovarian follicules with 3 cysts.
There is persistent diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscles and persistent incisional hernia to incision cite.
Dilatation of the common bile duct (with no etiology observed) measuring up to 16 mm
    I have made the choice to fight back and hopefully, by the grace of God, find some much needed answers. Any Idea please? Guidance would be great also. AnnaMaria

                      Testing & Results (3/11/2011)
                                    blood work
CA-125  = 11.5
Amylase = 67
Lipase  = 292
Urine  = Specific gravity of more than 1,030 with a ph of 6
Sodium = 134
Potassium = 4.2
Chloride = 99
BiCarb  of 30
Glucose = 90
BUN of 5
Creatinine of 0.8
ALK Phos = 160
CBC = Hemoglobin of 13.8 / Hematocrit of 40.1
WBC = 8,500
Platelet Count = 284,000
Differenctial : Segs - 73  Lymphs - 24  Monos - 4  ( I have no clue what this means)

                            24 hr. Urine catch
Piperacillin/Tazobactam 16       S
Cefazolin >=64      R
Cefoxitin >=64     R
Ceftazidime <=1   S
Ceftriaxone <=1    S
Cefeppine < = 1      S
Ertapenen <=0.5       S
Imipenem<=1      S
Amikacin <=2       S
Grntamicin <=1         S
Tobramycin <=1         S
Ciprofloxacin <=0.25       S
Levofloxacin 0.5        S    
Nitrofurantoin 128         R
Trimethoprim/Sulfamethox <=20     S

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Wow. I read your story and couldnt just walk away without saying how sorry I am for all that you are dealing with. Hopefully someone on here will have some suggestions for you. Meanwhile--hang in there and know people care.
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TY soo much!
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