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I would like to reduce weight from lower body and gain upper body weight

Let me explain about my present stats. My lower body is huge and my upper body is thin. I'm a 23 yrs old guy. I have been masturbation for many years in the past and I see masturbation to be the main culprit for my entire bodily changes. Even if the doctors and many other say that masturbation is healthy, that is not true since I've experienced it personally. By God's grace nowadays I do not masturbate. But, I would like to recover from a weak body to a fit and health man's body. My current looks has the features mentioned below,

* Big belly * Big Love Handle * I had mild Gynecomastia operation done before few years. * No strength in upper body * I'm a computer guy and works on desk job whole day with minimal to no walking and no exercise * Heavy hair fall / baldness * Dark circles with Sunken Eyes * Very thin wrists * Narrow shoulders * Huge thighs and bum * Sinus / Wheezing infection occasionally * Many times feeling fatigue daily * Doesn't feel energetic at all. * Often don't get enough sleep. I sleep around 6 hours * Sometimes I sleep a lot like 10 hours

It is not by birth body style or something like that. Because I was doing great before I got into this habit of masturbation and after that only my health and look changed and my health got spoiled and I become so lazy. I would like to become a fit and health man with

* Strong upper body * Slim and strong lower body * Broad chest and shoulders * Good mind with energy and motivation * Always feeling energetic and not being a lazy guy * Getting rid of thin wrists and narrow shoulders and getting my nice body back

What are the exercise routine (like walking, jogging) I should follow? What kind of diet should be followed? Help me to get rid of all my negative issues and become a positive and health man.

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The problem is actually caused by sitting all day, rather than masturbation.  Sitting is bad for us.  You can join a gym or you can do workouts like Insanity.  You need to run and you need to lift weights.  It is very important you lift weights correctly.  Body position and form is critical.  If you have stairs where you are, get up and run up and down the stairs a couple of times a day.  Our bodies need breaks like that.  We were not designed to sit 8 and more hours a day.  
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Thanks for your reply. I will start including some exercises like brisk walking in my daily schedule.

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