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I'm 15 year old and only 4'9"

Well i am too short for my age .. I did everything that's possible .. But i never saw myself growing .. My last hope is taking pills (Sentinel L-rginine & L-orthinine). Will this work out ?
Does it have any side effects ?
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Not everyone gets as tall as we’d like to be.  I’m 70+ yrs old, but am only 5 feet tall.  I’ve been this tall since I was a teenager.  Our height depends on what we inherit from our family.  If your parents, grandparents are tall there’s a chance you may grow taller.  

Some people have a growth spurt in the late teens, but that doesn’t happen to all of us.  Just be happy with who you are and learn to love yourself as you are.  
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Hello~Barb is right, height is determined a lot by your genes, if  your parents and other relatives are not too tall, then you won't be either. You may have a growth sprout later in your teens some do, but if not, don't worry about it and enjoy life, it is so precious.

NOTE: I am 5 1/2, I have always been the shortest of friends and acquaintances, it use to bother me, but now I enjoy it and let folks do things for me that I can't handle. LOL
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I just noticed your other question regarding the amino acids. If taken correctly in the dosage required, you probably won't have side effects, but, it is always best to be monitored by either a GP or a naturopath who knows these supplements, amino acids can sometimes be tricky to handle. I really don't advise it to be honest.
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