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I'm an unsolvable case and I think I might die.

I'm an otherwise super healthy 24yo male. I've nearly never used drugs, rarely ever drink, have had 0 problems in the past with anything, no allergies, I work out, I eat relatively healthy, I drink almost only water. Nothing obsessive, just healthy.

Yet on august 11, 2021 (3 months ago) I suddenly woke up with panic and a weird feeling in my throat. Everything was WRONG. I lost my appetite and felt weak as hell, I lost 18 pounds in 1,5 weeks and I got massive headaches (which I never ever had in the past), Since then I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO REST PROPERLY ONCE. My eyes are itchy, red and bloodshot, my days are now survival to the point where I'm receiving mental help to cope with my feelings...
I feel panic without a mental reason when I breathe in and out. Like I'm not getting enough oxygen but I am still able to exercise!
That brings me to the weirdest part:.. it gets worse when I rest!!!
I even get nauseous.

When I try to relax, I can't, I get panic until I start moving my toes or legs or anything. If I don't stay busy I will panic. I call it a zombie virus but people have no idea what I have including doctors. Doctors did some blood test and lung tests including XRAY for Covid-19. but found no scar tissue and I healed from Covid-19 months ago AND had my vaccine too.

I'm still alive because my entire day is made of distractions on my computer. My school/study is completely on hold.. I cannot relax while it used to be PEANUTS before.. It's hard to describe my symptoms. I never get rest. It kills me and depression is lurking around the corner while my life was 100% perfect before this.

Symptoms remain exactly the same since day 1... No improvement... Not worse either....
I gym twice a week and the rest of my days are wasted behind my computer and crying....
I force myself to eat and managed to regain some weight.

What could cause this feeling of panic? This obstructed feeling while breathing? The dry coughs that won't stop? The headaches when I try to rest? Why does it become less when I move or stay active? Why can I still exercise without impaired performance?

I'll gladly give any details.
Please, I could use any medical ideas.
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I am so sorry you are going through this, it is no fun. I have had episodes like this, they all started after a fall down a flight of stairs, that was over 40 years ago. I  had every test known and all that was ever found was unstable blood sugar and numerous food allergies, also weak adrenal glands. My doctor recommended that I see a chiropractor as neck misalignment can cause these issues. Well, I had been seeing one but I went to the one my doctor recommended, I explained what was going on, etc. He gave me some adjustments and I did start to feel better, to this day, if that particular vertebrae is "out of alignment" I will get anxiety. So, between the treatments from the chiro and the herbs, vitamins, etc from the doc, I slowly got better. I will say, however, that I still have issues at times with the anxiety, but it usually is brought on by extra stress.  I would sure talk to your GP about this and ask for a thorough blood work panel,make sure that thyroid functions are included, or, see a good naturopath, that is who I saw back home in the states, I wish they had good ones here in New Zealand.

Also, I hesitate to say this, but it is possible that the vaccination could have brought this on. They are so new, no one really knows what kind of side effects they can cause even many months down the road. Sometimes if a person is vaccinated after Covid, they can have a harsher reaction due to the fact it is like "double dosing" the virus.

I hope you feel better soon and can get this resolved, anxiety attacks and the symptoms are a living hell.
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Thanks for your answer!!
Your information might not solve my problem but it's good to hear this personal story with symptoms alike.
I surely will continue to look for the cause but so far I've hit a wall..

I can't rule out vaccination side effects, but I reacted fine to my vaccine. Under the weather for about 1 day, then perfectly healthy.
I woke up with this sickness after I had a training in the gym the day before.. I only remember I had some heavy weights on my chest for a short while.
Since my chest seems to be the origin of my symptoms it's my best guess that whatever is wrong with me resides in my chest area.

I am truly clueless and honestly appreciate anyone listening at this point.
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Gosh, I am beyond sorry to read about the hard time you are going through.  I agree with liuyiacmt. Try NOT to focus on such terrible thoughts as that will only lead to more anxiety.

Have you been to a doctor? You need to go and get a physical describing what is going on.For them to rule out any physical health issue.  After that, if they do not uncover anything, to me? You sound to have hit a wall with mental health and be in overload. Perhaps you have long covid which is linked to this. Or perhaps you are like my son where everything mental health wise all converged into a major pile up.  Mental health issues do not need to be caused by anything dramatic, traumatic or particular.  They can just happen.

Mental health issues ARE treatable. You just need to know if that is what is going on here.  You list your symptoms but not what any doctor has said to you. Can you let us know what you've done to work on the why's of this?
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Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.
Mentally I was not just okey, I was doing perfect! I actually was the happiest I've ever been..

Doctors did blood tests and lung tests including CT because the symptoms seem to be linked to my breathing and chest area.
They found nothing in my blood, nor did they see any lung abnormalities, ruling out the possibility of long-covid too.

Mentally I wish I could make improvement but apart from these symptoms I really am just, healthy.
However I cannot tell you what could have caused this apart from a gym session, possibly some heavy weights on my chest :(
My doctor doesn't seem to take me very seriously.. I feel unheard..

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