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I'm having intermittent pain in my upper abdomen/solar plexus/stomach area

Over the past 2+ months, I've had some really odd symptoms. I started getting random "panic attacks" at 37 years old. No history of these. Increased breathing, rapid heartbeat out of nowhere, feeling shaky/full of adrenaline for no reason whatsoever, blood pressure spiking up to 170+/90, etc. One of the other signs is a flushing/hot feeling of my face on both cheeks, sometimes accompanied by a light pink color. I'm not worried about anything specific, no changes at work/home, etc. No reason for me to be in a panic any more than previous times when I had no symptoms. Nothing has changed. I have been to the ER 3 times. The first 2 times were out of concern that I was having a heart attack or something heart-related going on. They thought I might have been. I've had a whole host of EKGs done at the ER. ER did tons of blood work during both visits a few days apart and came back with nothing. As happens to most people, my GP doctor said it was "anxiety" and gave me Metoprolol to cover the symptoms, but not treat whatever was happening. Then I went to a Cardiologist and had a full Stress Echocardiogram with ultrasound of the heart. Nothing wrong with my heart.

Then my family got sick with some kind of a stomach bug around the beginning of February. I had black diarrhea for 2-3 days and that tore my GI tract all up. The third time at the ER was for pain in my upper abdomen in the stomach/solar plexus area after this sickness. They again did blood work and even a contrast CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen at the hospital. Nothing noted other than mild swelling of the bladder wall. They sent me home in the same pain and told me to see a GI doc.

I went to a GI doc and he scheduled an EGD (Upper Endoscopy) of my stomach and duodenum. He put me on Protonix to lower my stomach acid. I've been on that for nearly a month now. I had the Upper Endoscopy a week and a half ago. He did some biopsies from stomach samples to check for bacteria and cancer. It came back negative for both, but he said my stomach was pretty inflamed for an unknown reason. I have another appointment with him Wednesday and now my pain in the solar plexus/stomach area is back. I feel jittery/shaky all over my body and it is like the doctors don't listen to me when I tell them. In addition, my abdomen/stomach feels like it pulses/shakes rapidly all day long and all night long. While I'm sleeping, it pulses. Now, I know that there's a main artery that runs down the middle of the body. That was listed as being normal in both my MRI scan and also my contrast CT scan at the hospital. MRI was on 2/3/20. No pancreatic mass or inflammation present. The aorta and IVC were normal, so even though I'm having 'pulses' in my stomach and abdomen, that doesn't seem to be the reason. The hospital CT scan with contrast said the appendix was not clearly visualized, but there is no stranding in its expected location to suggest appendicitis. They stated that the aorta is normal in caliber and patent.

Why would I be having all of these GI issues if I don't have an infection? I'm puzzled and at my wits' end. Why is my stomach INFLAMED if I don't have anything going on?
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Hello again~I have been thinking about your posts and doing some research. You say your doctor says your stomach has a lot of inflammation. Well, that could be due to "Gastritis" Here is an excellent link describing it:  https://www.healthline.com/health/gastritis I would start taking a high-potency pro-biotic which can be purchased at any health food store, and also start drinking 2 oz twice a day of pure, organic Aloe Vera Juice, this helps with inflammation and heals any sores in the tummy region. I would also ask your doctor for a Helicobacter Pylori test. This tests for a bacteria that can cause a gastritis infection. The article says that the Endocscopy is the best way to see the inflammation that Gastritis causes, since you have had the procedure and been told you have inflammation, I think it is safe in saying you should now start actions to heal it. Please be sure to mention this to your GP when you see him.

Here is another link about Gastritis:  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gastritis/symptoms-causes/syc-20355807

Also, here is a link to our Gastroenterology forum, you might find some help and info here as well.

I hope that some of this helps and that you feel better.
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I spoke to the Gastroenterologist today on the phone. I have been taking Protonix 40mg once per day for 2-3 weeks now. He told me to double that and take it twice per day. In addition, I have been taking Pepcid AC 20mg OTC meds at his instruction. He told me to take that 3 times per day and to take it together with the other prescription med, which is also an acid reducer. Apparently I have too much stomach acid. I asked about a blood test to check for H. Pylori and he said that the best test was the biopsy that was done with the endoscopy. As for the pulsing/quivering feeling that I have in my abdomen, he reviewed my CT scan with contrast and my previous MRI info and saw that with both they checked the Aorta artery for any issues, which can also be a source of feeling a "pulse" in the abdomen if an aneurysm was forming and bubbling up. So all is well with that.
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Hello~It truly does sound like a panic disorder to me as well. I would certainly discuss this with your GP.

Your tummy could be inflamed due to possible food allergies, these, too, can cause lots of emotional and panic issues, but once the allergies are identified and taken care of, the anxiety and symptoms get better.

I would also ask to be checked for "Candida" This is a type of yeast infection of the gut and it can cause all kinds of hassles, many of which you are having at present.  Here is a link to site that may help you.  https://www.amymyersmd.com/2018/07/10-signs-candida-overgrowth/

I hope they can get to the root of your problem and you start to feel better soon. It is no fun to feel like this.
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It's my understanding that panic disorder doesn't necessarily happen because of things actually going on in life.  Have you talked to your doctor about panic disorder? Do you have anxiety in general?  The reason that I ask is that sometimes when people do, they feel absolutely every ache and twinge.  They are hyper sensitive.  Everyone has a pulse in their abdomen as a major artery runs through there.  If you are laying down at night, it can be felt by people.  Probably the most concerning thing you mention is the spike in blood pressure.  170/90 is high.  How long does it stay that high?
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