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I'm losing hair at the root after dying - will it grow back?

In the past few months I've damaged my hair due to a series of dying and recoloring (dyed and partially bleached it in salon, re-dyed it two days later in salon, one month later at home used color remover and re-dyed it). It's a whole story, trust me I didn't want to do this to my perfectly healthy virgin hair... In the past few weeks I've noticed I'm losing 2x-3x as much hair as before and thinning quite quickly, and not from breakage but falling out at the root. Most of the online sources I've read refer to breakage after hair damage, and not root loss. I want to know if the lost hairs will grow back or if I've lost them forever because I miss the days of not having to worry about seeing my scalp no matter how I style my hair. (Female, age 19)
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Hello~In my younger years, I dyed my hair constantly, it is a wonder I did not go bald, I had some breakage, but nothing serious. However, I think I am one of the rare people, but that being said,  once the chemical reaction stops, the roots can begin growing again. It may take a month or so, but you should start noticing some growth after that. Try using some hot oil treatments, this has been known to help as well.
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Back in the day, and I'm aging myself here . . .  I had something similar happen due to a strong perm improperly applied.  It sizzled my  hair down to my root.  Not everywhere just around my face.  :-0  It was not a good sight. But I recovered and the hair did grow back for me.  I have read to stay out of the sun.  The sun weakens it even more while you are trying to recover. Try not to blow dry and air dry instead. Take a health supplement with biotin and niacin in it. Choose a shampoo with botanicals and essential oils in it. Maybe this article will help as well. https://www.dermatologytimes.com/dermatology/what-causes-hair-loss-after-permanent-hair-dyeing  There big advice is to do as little as possible to the hair during this time.  As little brushing, combing, dying, styling, etc. as possible.  Hang in there. (hats are also cool right now . . .)
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