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I'm not sure what exactly I have -Twitches, fasiculations, and tremors??

Hi, for the past year ive been experiencing a variety of weird muscle movements. It began with lots of little movements on my budy under the skin and has become visibly noticable. These 'normal' movements appear to last a short time and are slow in pulse but go away when I move the bodypart that is having (fasiculations?). Unrelated but I have also been experience pain/aches in these muscles for no reason.

Concerningly, I've been getting new strange muscle movements these past few months. One of them is more like a quick pulse of movement that lasts less than a second and the other appears to move my left hand (often near the thumb) enough to move my fingers ever so slightly. This movement didn't go away but looked suppressed when I moved my hand muscles.

I've been tested for ALS and MS but the doctors told me I likely don't have that. I'm very worried if I have PD or something else that's serious. My doctors have been unable to tell me what I have for the past year.
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Hello~It could be due to stress, or even some pinched nerves, perhaps seeing an osteopath, massage therapist or even a chiropractor wouldbe of some help.  If the twitches are due to a pinched nerve, any of the above methods can help.
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Hey, sorry this is going on.  I'm glad you are working with your doctors even though it is frustrating to not have an answer.  You feel this is getting worse? When you say fasciculation, do you mean like twitching? I have this occasionally two.  My doctor has indicated that this can happen due to stress or if I have too much caffeine.  It's disconcerting when it happens but they've assured me it is harmless.  But I don't know if that is what you are talking about.  And now it has advanced into an involuntary movement of your hand?  Where are the pulses?  I will say that I don't normally see the pulsing I feel.  You see yours?  

This link may be helpful for you.  It talks about benign fasciculation syndrome. https://www.healthline.com/health/benign-fasciculation-syndrome#symptoms  It does discuss how many people think that their pulses/twitches are related to ALS or other neurological issues but that there is a difference in that those who have ALS will have other issues that are quite noticeable.  These are things like trouble walking, swallowing, gripping things.

They give reasons for the twitches such as my doctor told me of anxiety and stress, trauma as well as some other things.  And they are often linked with GI issues like heartburn or IBS.

Tell me more about the new development though.  The involuntary movement of your hand.  
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