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Is it healthy for me to go in steam room for many hours?

It is recomended on signs to only go in the steam room for 15 minutes, but I may have very well created a world record by being able to stay in the steam room for many hours straight, when most people can only stay in for a few minutes.

I feel great during and after, I am just worried it might not be good for me seeing as it's probably abnormal. I've asked more than one doctor, they didn't know the answer.

I do spray myself down quickly with the cold hose inside the steam room after every 15 minute cycle, it cools me down really fast even though it doesn't cool down anyone else. My heart rate and breathing rate goes up very high at the end of a steam cycle but my body immediately calms down after and then I am able to breathe very slow and controlled. I'm obviously conditioned to it but I wonder if it has health risks.

I am very fit and work out lots. I have a great deal of muscle and my metabolism is super high proven by tests, but I'm sure many other people are also fit and they still can't stay in as long as I can.

I am pretty sure I stay perfectly hydrated. I drink 2 litres of water and 2 litres of coconut water and still don't have to urinate at all during or after, within approx 4-5 hours of being in the steam room and the only thing that gets me out is the fact that I get very hungry.

My naturopath is convinced I have overactive adrenal glands because of an organ screening test I got back and at the time I had a few symptoms pointing in that direction (basically like cushings syndrome) or at least the start of adrenal fatique possibly caused by overtraining, stress and chronic pain. I really don't feel unhealthy at all. Even though an injury I have never heals, everything else heals perfectly fine. I have great energy, unlike most people who have adrenal fatigue problems.
Despite the amount of muscle I have I have a healthy fat layer on me. But because I used to be anorexic for all my teen and adult years I don't know if the weight I am at now is healthy for me or if I have too much fat on me due to cushing syndrome symptoms.
I do feel like I have excess fat on my upper body, especially around my neck for some reason or maybe it's water rentention, I've gotten a few differing opinions on it being fat or water retention so I'm not sure.

Anyways, I have really cut back the amount of working out I am doing to stop any overtraining in my lifestyle. Now I just play badminton twice a week and weight train only once a week, and after I hit the gym is when I go in the steam room for hours.
I really don't want to have to stop going in the steam room for hours because it really relaxes me and makes me feel good but maybe it's counterproductive to my health.
I would love some informed opinions about this or any advice in general. Thanks!
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Also, I should add I do polar bear swims regularily, or at least I was. I've cut back on that lately. But I think doing polar bear swims is what made me able to withstand extreme heat as well. Either way, it may be good for the circulation but sometimes I wonder if I'm overdoing it and I'm not sure how to tell if I am because I don't feel bad.
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Oh also, I should have clarified that everything else feels perfectly fine on me other than my digestive health. I have digestive problems but I'm not convinced that has anything to do with this.
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The steam room question is of interest.

For a while I frequented a Russian bath where they had a large steam room frequented by many people in their eighties and nineties.

I collapsed after fifteen minutes!

They would stay in the room for hours!
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Well I guess if people in their nineties are able to stay in there for hours it mustn't be a bad thing lol
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It is not a good idea to stay in  a steam room/sauna for hours.

The link below explains the safe duration to stay in  a steam room/sauna, which is 15-20 minutes. You come out, drink loads of water and cool off and can return for a further 15-20 minutes.


The saunas that I have used did have a time limit for how long you could stay in the sauna.
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Did you even read my question details?
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