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Is it normal to have a temperature and swollen lymph nodes but no infection?

I went to a walk in clinic because of my constant battle with bacterial infections and noticed I've had a temp of 99.3-99.9 for the last week. I also noticed that my lymph nodes have been swollen for a couple of months but I've also had 6 infections in the last 2 months so thought it was normal, however then I found a little lump above my collar bone about the size of a bouncy ball. She said they are a little swollen but nothing to worry about. The walk in clinic doctor tested for mono because of all of this and fatigue. I also told her about having chills and itchiness. She told me it's nothing to worry about because the mono came back negative. Should I consider going to a GP or leave it alone?
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That's a really low grade fever.  The lymph node is normal to have after 6 infections in 2 months and you'll have it for a while.  I would not worry about the lymph node as you've seen a doctor I presume at this point for the 6 infections.  Did you take antibiotics?  What types of infections did you have?  Our lymphatic system is often misunderstood.  People worry when they have a lymph node that is swollen but that is a sign that your lymphatic system was working.  It's your body's defense and if you've had recent infections, that lymph node says "I'm aware and ready to fight!".  They don't go away immediately.  So, you've been checked and they say all is good.  Do you have an issue with anxiety by the way?  Even with doctor reassurance you have worried a lot.  I've read several of your posts.  Maybe talking about your anxiety with a doctor would help you overall?  Something to think about.  good luck
Yes. I have but every time I go to my GP she kind of forgets about the anxiety part and then ends up finding out I have some sort of infection. I wouldn't worry so much but I work in a hospital and don't want to be getting others sick. I also take trips to other countries and don't want to get sick there because I know that sometimes they don't have the ability to do as much. I actually stopped worrying and then that's when a lump appeared above my collar bone and I told myself it was anxiety. I figure it is my anxiety and I am stressing something out in my body. I never have had health issues or even infections until two months ago and I am sure I am over thinking everything because of it. Thank you
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