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Is it safe to use cipro after 14 days on augmentin?

Hello good morning. I’m a 31 year old female with no kids. I suffer from nasal allergies, lactose intolerant and get heartburn or stomach discomfort sometimes. However, last week of Februaru I developed white spots at the back of my throat. My doctor said it was strep and gave me Augmentin which reduced the appearance somewhat but not completely. I got the covid vaccine astrazeneca, got a fever and the white spots increased once again (even worse). My doctor gave me Augmentin again for a week along with flucanazole. I’m at the end of the course of treatment. The white spots have decreased but some are still there. Doc wants me to switch to cipro now but is it safe to be on antibiotics for so long?
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Well, I'd imagine your doctor wouldn't give you something that isn't safe but DO understand your concern. Did he swab the white stuff?  Is your throat sore or the white stuff is just there?  I was on long term antibiotics a while back for a tooth issue.  I took antibiotics for a full month around the clock.  A couple weeks after I was done, my GI tract went nuts.  I was really sick at first with diarrhea an pain.  I thought I had c diff to be honest.  But it got somewhat better although I had raging diarrhea and odd stools for a month.  I used exactly what SassyLassie says, probiotics.  I took it regularly.  And I learned about something called "prebiotic" which you also do.  That's things like pickles and sauerkraut.  (yep, that kind of thing.  Apple cider vinegar too).  I also drank kambucha tea. All set you up for the probiotic to do their thing and multiply your good bacteria.  It took about 3 plus weeks to get back to normal.  All as a result of depleting my gut of flora when on long term antibioitics.  So, prepare for that.  Eat greek yogurt with live cultures too when on the antibiotic.  good luck
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That is a wonderful idea about using the "prebiotics" I am not too familiar those, it is good to know for if I ever have to do long-term antibiotics. I already take Apple Cider Vinegar for blood sugar control and other issues. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Yes SassyLassie.  I was pretty desperate to repair my GI flora when so ill and did a lot of reading.  I like things in the category of prebiotic so it wasn't too hard for me. It almost seems like it shouldn't make sense that these things ultimately can help but they do.  Creating just the right environment for good bacteria to grow. Check out kombucha tea.  It tastes good! :))  I never heard of apple cider vinegar for blood sugar control. How do you use that?
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Hello~It is always a good idea to take a good, high potency pro-biotic when on long-term antibiotics as the antibiotics tend to remove the "friendly" bacteria from your gut, thus sometimes causing issues like thrush, or candida. You can get the pro-biotics from most health food stores, make sure they are the kind that are refrigerated and have high amounts in each dose.
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