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Is there permanent damage from obesity??

I am 30yo white male in the Philadelphia area. Most of my childhood and all my adult life I have been overweight/obese. As an adult I have always ranged from 235-295lbs being in the high end of that for the last several years.

I don’t eat many vegetables, have had my share of gluttonous moments and meals, and overall just had very very bad eating habits and patterns.

However I have grown sick of it, I have done keto, low carb, and just been trying to eat better. I’ve lost about 10lbs so far and aim to eventually lost over 100lbs. Current 276, want to get to 175-180 within the next year or two, while also converting some fat to muscle if I can. Also taking vitamins, collagen, supplements and eating more fruit, less added sugars and junk, smaller portions in general and less fast food and processed stuff. Learning to eat at least a few veggies, and also incorporated nutritional yeast and acv into my diet. I also do intermittent fasting

I do not smoke, don’t do drugs, never had any surgeries or major conditions. A few years ago I went through ALLLL the heart tests and passed. Heart was very slightly enlarged but went down as I lost weight. Nothing else.

Anyway, by continuing to work and improve my dietary habits. Exercising more and losing weight. Once I reach this goal, and maybe even exceed it. And maintain it amd do my best to take care of myself. How much obesity damage, and effects on the hard & cv system, are permanent at this point, and how much can it improve or be reversed? What other steps can I take?
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Hello~It appears that you are doing everything right. Keep up the good work. :-)

As to any permanent damage, I doubt if there will be any, especially at your age. Normally, when a person looses weight, all the health issues of high blood pressure, unstable blood sugar, etc, goes back to normal.
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Weight when it is on the body, not when it's gone., is usually the cause of problems related to being overweight. For example, people's blood pressure can drop to normal when they lose weight. Fat cells apparently don't disappear entirely, but they do shrink. The people I've known who have lost a lot of weight have all talked like they felt better with each pound lost.
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I will add, people who have lost really huge amounts of weight (more than you're talking about) can have issues with droopy or saggy skin when the fat is gone. I assumed, however, that you're more asking about permanent damage to your heart, joints or cardiovascular system and like that. That kind of damage, being overweight itself is what puts you at risk.  

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