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Is this normal iron deficiency anemia or something else?

I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong forum, but apologies if so.

I am a 32 year old female with lifelong Hep C. I have always had heavy menses, but was recently found to have low Iron saturation (11%), but with normal Iron levels. I also have high Tansferrin (3.8 g/L) and high TIBC (84 umol/L). Is this simple anemia or something else?

I ask because a doctor on another forum suggested it could be anemia of chronic disease given my underlying Hep C.

Also, about 8 months ago I had a severe ferritin deficiency for which I supplements with feroglobin iron pills for months, and I got it back up to normal. So I am perplexed as to why I am suddenly anemic again.

I would like to know what kind of anemia this is likely to be so I know how to safely treat it (and also monitor it if it is going to become recurring).

The only symptoms that had me tested are sudden debilitating fatigue for the last two weeks and shortness of breath at times.

Any advice or input would be appreciated.
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Being that our blood levels change frequently based on many things (diet, exercise, activity level, etc) so too could your iron studies change.   Just because you were able to elevate your ferritin level then, doesn't mean that it will stay within an acceptable range.  That is why they recheck our levels occasionally when we have chronic illness, or even if we are on certain medications.  The type of anemia you have, will have to come from your physician, and if you don't get an answer to that from him/her on the specific type, perhaps you would do well to change MD's.  A hematologist is the best one to see with regard to lab deficiencies or abundances.  Good luck to you!
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Hello Mav.....have you gone to a Hepa? Sounds like you should. Are you currently on a Hep C treatment?. I'm in treatment right now for HCV.  I'm on the Hep C community on this site under "forums". I urge you to post as there are current treaters like myself and post Tx friends as well. Tons of people with good info willing to help. Hope to see you there. This is just another blog I visit. Pls come visit us. Good luck to you. BTW  I have had virus for over 30 yrs
Take care
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Hello Deb. I'm sorry you have all the struggles that you do. A few things stuck out in your conversation. "Heavy menses" all the time.......becoming extremely fatigued, especially more recently and the "shortness of breath." The odd thing is that your regular iron readings are alright through all of this. If it were myself, especially with the "extreme fatigue" and the "shortness of breath," to be very honest, I would go(even though you are very young), to a cardiologist to be on the safe side. Especially if this is the first time you have had these symptoms. You have been checked with your blood work and all, so now, just to be on the safe side, check to make sure your heart is fine. This is certainly not to scare you......it is just to make sure that even with youth on your side, many women who are younger, especially, tend to not pay attention to anything regarding the heart. Even if you just speak with your regular physician about it, it will not hurt to bring the subject up. Have your blood pressure taken, at least, at a Walgreen's or CVS where it is free. Usually, 140/80 I believe is the "norm" for blood pressure today(although they change readings with everything today every 15 minutes!!) I wish you all the best and I know you will be alright. Just take good care of yourself! Sometimes, people are doing too much for others and NOT looking out for themselves the way they should be. Happy holidays and please let us all know how you make out......we care!      Sue
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Iron deficiency anemia is a state in which blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells. Weakness, chest pain, headache, fast heartbeat, fatigue and inflammation are the major symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. If you experiment these symptoms then consult your doctor because it can be dangerous.
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