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Is this pseudo membrane? Sore throat, coughing green mucus

Hi, I'm 16 and 3 days ago I suddenly started coughing and green phelegm was excreted. I have sore throat, cough and occasional runny nose. I,otherwise feel generally ok. Then I started noticing something behind my throat. Could be strep but can anyone clarify. This are the links for the images (warning it's pictures of the suspected pseudomembrane)
Thanks for any help.
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Coughing up phlegm is not unusual and it can be greenish in color.  Our mucus thickens when it sits.  It will sit in our chest and come out lovely shades of color. But you are only 16.  You have parents---  talk to them.  They are who provides your medical care and can decide if you need to see a doctor. Mostly you just sound like you have a cold/cough with phlegm.  Not something to sorry about.  good luck
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Oh ya, drink extra fluids and possibly your mom will buy you mucinex which things the mucus.  Ibuprofen for pain relief of the sore throat.  Hot tea.  rest.  
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