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Itchy Skin

I am 39, male - tend to have itchy skin especially after showers and swimming. Most times, I would scratch myself like crazy. I would apply Broad spectrum antumycotic cream (prescribed by doctor) from time to time - but the itch condition would recur after some time. Could these be symptoms of an underlying issue?

I also have frequent stomach upsets with watery motion, especially after eating food that is not fully cooked (e.g. raw bacon) or drinking lukewarm water. My food must be absolutely fresh and cooked, no spicy or oily stuff.
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Its prob. stress or your skin is very dry from all the water! And your stomach probs. You might just have a week stomach and can't handly spicy and oily foods! When my dad turned 40 he had to change everythng about his diet! If it keeps bothering you then I would go see a doctor! Good Luck and God Bless!
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A couple of my children have eczema. Two of them get red rashes and, one of them just has dry, scaly skin. All of them are itchy and get worse after water. Try a hydrocrotisone cream if it becomes rashy. Try using a non scented lotion after everytime you shower or swim. Your skin dries out when wet and becomes itchy. Lotion should help.
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