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Knee Pain

I have recently begun to run (within the past 2 mos) and on some days, my knees feel so tight and swollen and sore to walk on. This is brand new to me.. I do not generally run on pavement and I have cut down on distance to help my knees "get used to running".... Is there any over the counter rx I can take to help with knee health?
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I had this problem and realised thanks to my physio, that I overpronated when running. This can cause knee problems which is why I needed to buy shoes with arch support which stops the foot rolling inwards. For walking you can buy orthotic insoles but I would not recommend running with these. I use Adistar Salvations to run. A good running shop will check you for pronation before you buy.

Also this might seem obvious but are you stretching before and after running. Warm ups and downs are as important as the run.

Hope this helps
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My recommendation is DON'T RUN!! I was a runner and now have both knees totally replaced
either speed walk or use an elliptical. I use an  elliptical and stationary bike  for the bike my routine is first 90 seconds @ 60-65 rpm then 30 sec. @ high intensity then back to 90 sec
@ 60-65 you alternate this for 20 minutes with a 5 minute cool down  try to get your heartrate up to your maximum rate that would be 220 minus your age
P.S. If you are still going to run then don't do it on pavement and buy good shoes!!!
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