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Knee Pain

Over the past 4 days I have been experiencing pain/Throbbing in my right knee. I do not recall doing any activities which may have damaged it in anyway.
The pain feels like it comes from underneath my knee cap, slightly to the right. It throbbs when I am sat down, and if i move my knee left or right whilst my foot is on the floor I get a very sharp shooting pain which makes me jump.  also if i raise my leg out straight and then bring it towards me the sharp pain happens when my leg is at a 90 degree angle or less. The only history I have with joint problems was when I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 5 years ago, which I experienced Arthritis pain in all my joints.

I have tried using a support band on it but hasn't helped.

Do I see my doctor Monday morning or would I just be wasting their time?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Sanantha, look seeing your doctor is a good thing, but to be it sounds very much like ligament trouble, for a start I would ice pack it 3 times a day for 20 minutes, the idea of this is to bring blood to the knee ligament and help heal it, and tens tretment through a physio, swimming breststroke leg movment only is a big help, and you need to end up doing 1K a day.
Ιts OK I ddi all this a couple of years ago and it worked for me and I'm now 65.
Good Luck
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Have you put an ice pack on it?  I have had knee surgery on my right knee 5 times - each time the orthopedic doc has recommended icing the knee for a few minutes every day.  I had the "bad stuff" scraped out from the underside of that knee 4 of the 5 times for surgery.  The first time was for a torn meniscus after bumping it on a file cabinet at work.  Seeing the doctor is ALWAYS a good choice when a new pain arises - especially one that doesn't seem to want to go away.  Good Luck to you!
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Also, I'd like to add.... I am 24 years old, female and weigh 128lb

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