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MY husband and myself have been trying to have a baby for 4 yrs,my husband is on methadone but has been clean for 5yrs, the methadone has taken all of his testosterone from his body so he started testosterone injections it killed ALL of his sperm , he didn`t even have dead ones on the slide, so he stopped the testosterone about a year ago, over the year his sperm count slowly went up, after 6 months it was 57 percent and now after a year it is 83 percent, but now my hubby has no energy and no sex drive and that doesn`t help when your trying to have a baby, but theres nothing he can take, does anyone have any advice, we do have sex on the days we need to , like the day i ovulate,, but he never just wants to make love for no reason and its hurting me and making me feel like hes not attracted to me, The doctors say well as soon as i get pregnant they will put him back on the testosterone, but what do we do until then, please help
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Hhhmmm... have you tried attracting him by being flirty, dressing sexy, etc?  I say this because I am a woman, but I have no sex drive, either, due to medications I must take.  I literally don't even think about sex in the sense of actually doing it.  My husband (God bless him) understands this, and knows that he has to pretty much 'get in my face' (nicely) about it for me to say okay.  Maybe you need to do the same with your husband.  People who have no sex drive must be 'over-enticed' to consider having sex.  My husband will go to all sorts of lengths to get me there: buying me flowers, cooking me dinner, inviting me to shower with him, being touchy-feely without going overboard, all of the things that he knows I enjoy.  Maybe this will work for you.  Blessings - Blu
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Avocados are called the "passion fruit".  Supposed to "turn you on".  Also, figs are supposed to raise testosterone naturally.  Chocolate is also "sexy".  Try feeding him some fruits - sometimes the sweet taste will arouse   Maybe something like chocolate covered strawberries or cherries.  A Hershey bar?.
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thank you to both of you, i would dress sexy, i use to when we first met but i havent done that in a while, im gonna order him Fertilaid for Men , i was told that it increases sex drive as well as helping his sperm, if i order it today ill get it by June 5th and we start are IUI June 12th so hopefully it will get him a little more turned on, when we met we had the best sex , but he was on testosterone then and now he isnt, sometimes i feel like im ugly and hes not attracted to me, but he tells me often that he is attracted to me, and that its the testosterone doing this, its hurting our marriage , i just want to get pregnant so we can do what newly weds are suppose to do, be happy, he loves chocolate i make chocolate covered strawberries alot, it doesnt help, but ill try the Avocados, im gonna buy them today , ill let you know if it helps, thanks ladies Sincerely Renae
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