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Left nostril closes almost completely when I inhale

22yo, Male.
2 days ago I came back home, decided to check how much hair I have in my nostril (weird but wanted to ^^), well, I took a cotton swab, opened the left nostril a bit and looked inside (I didn't push the nostril far inside, it was right at this opening of the nostril), after that I inhaled with my nose (cotton swab not inside), and noticed that ONLY my left nostril closed up almost completely.
I will note that it changes, sometimes I need to inhale harder to make it close (For example, when waking up/laying in bed), sometimes it closes up when I don't try hard (after eating for example).
I read on that internet that it might be a vasal collapse, however I can't find anything about it in my language.
I went to family doctor today, she said the left nostril looks a bit red and nothing serious (however she didn't really seem to care to begin with) and my Nose-Ear-Throat doctor is in a month.
Are there any other causes for it? or surgery is most likely to be the way to solve it?
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Hello~I don't think there is much more that you can do, I would let the doctor take it from here when you see him/her next month.
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