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Leg pains twitching scared

I’m 37 year old female. A little overweight

Recently my left leg started bugging me. Pain behind my knee. Walking doesn’t bother it long standing does. The pain is fine while sitting if I really flex my foot it it hurts behind my knee. Now my leg is randomly painlessly twitching.

Does this sound like blood clot ? I sit for a living office work so scared

Nothing is swollen both legs measure the same even thought I feel like ones an issue. No redness no warmth. Just uncomfortable pain level isn’t high but it’s there
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I forgot to add that I have had twitching in the left calf at times as well but it doesn't hurt, right now, it isn't happening, I have that sensation very seldom.
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Well we certainly sound similar. Thank you for commenting all of those symptoms are similar !! I will try hip stretching. I’m very “hippy” so it wouldn’t surprise me to be tight in that area
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I have almost the same issue. I have pain behind my left knee but it hurts all the time but in different degrees. What walking, it feels like I am getting pinched very hard and it hurts, when sitting, it just hurts same as lying do0wn. If I flex my foot upward it really hurts for a while then the pain almost goes away. Also, if I get up after sitting for a long time, oh my, it hurts, its so stiff. I asked my chiropractor, he said I had tight muscles in my hip area causing this, but even when I do stretches it doesn't help, I guess I will have to see my GP as this has been going on for close to a year. I would say the pain fluctuates between a 2 to an 8

Oh, the chiropractor did say it could be a "Bakers Cyst" I looked it up, some of the symptoms are similar, it also said that it can go away on its on but takes awhile.
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